Saturday, 31 October 2009

Goodbye James Herriot, we will miss you

Last winter it snowed quite considerably and unexpectedly in February, and Mr O struggled to get home in the car. He got quite near on the main road before the police stopped him and said he wasn't allowed to go any further. He tried explaining he only lived ten yards further on, but the policeman wasn't impressed and told him to turn around. He drove miles to come in from the other direction but so many cars had been abandoned he couldn't get through and had to park up and walk the rest of the way. He walked the last two miles in the pitch dark up the steep hill, knee deep in snow. When he finally got home, exhausted, I said, "Oh, you should have stayed in Worksop!"
Because of this we have been looking at 4x4 cars, and have always been quite keen on the little Fiat Panda. This subject has been dropped over the summer, but suddenly last week, with alarming speed, John saw an advert and went to Sheffield to view the car, and last night arrived home in it.
This means we have said goodbye to our Chrysler Cruiser. No longer will I feel like the gangster's moll getting out of the car to go and do some shopping on a Saturday morning. Or even worse, we will no longer be guided onto the point-to-point course because people take one look at the car and assume we are the course vet. I didn't even like the car, I don't know what I'm upset about. The gear stick was very kitsch, and the engine sounded like a milk float struggling to get up a steep hill. But the new car has a lot to live up to. Chrysler drivers wave inanely when they drive past each other. Nobody's going to notice a tiny Fiat Panda, are they? But in February when we are knee deep in snow again I have a feeling I may be grateful, and will reserve my judgement until then, after all she is a 4x4. I am calling her Amanda (le Panda). But I will miss you James.

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