Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Frustrations and Fun

Pongo went to Derby on Monday to buy a new pump. They sent him to Birmingham. He came home and installed it and it worked. Yippeee!
Then I got up on Tuesday morning, turned on the tap and.... nothing! Grrr. I used up the rest of the water in the cannisters, the milk churn, which I could hardly turn over to pour the water out, and then struggled to lift from the bottom to pour the last bits out. I had to go over to the field and get water out of the water tank, one bucket at a time, to fill up the rest. I was exhausted by the end of it.
I rang Pongo and basically asked him to sort it out, which to give him his due, he did, but I was totally fed up by then.
Mr O brought home fish and chips, which we ate in a hurry as we had to get ready to go to Nine's concert. Pongo had to drop him off at 5.30 then came straight back to get us as the traffic was so bad, and it started at 7pm.
It was quite good actually, and brought back memories of Abby doing ballet at Miss Mayfield's, although Miss Mayfield's standard was much higher. Nine looked as though he was enjoying himself, though, and played Mike TV (very appropriate!) in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set. Very funny. Some of the older girls were very talented, and the Jesus Christ Superstar set was brilliant. There was one tiny girl who sang her heart out, and one young girl who sang a song from The Little Mermaid. It brought a tear to my eye. It reminded us both of our eldest daughter Lisa, who has a beautiful singing voice, but when she was young she used to sing constantly. I can remember putting her to bed and hearing her singing away to herself. Because the other children had to get some sleep, we'd shout up the stairs telling her to be quiet. Then you could hear her under her pillow, singing Up Where The People Are in muffled tones.

And now today, I have gone to turn the pony out and he can hardly walk. This is driving me mad. He has been lame on and off for weeks (since the abscess incident) and Missis is doing nothing about it. She just drags him along behind her and puts him in the field. She says he has got laminitis, but I am not so sure, and if he has, she isn't treating him appropriately. I sent her a text and she said I could call a vet out if I want. Yes, I do want, but he's not my horse, and it's not my decision to make. Eventually she text me back to say Dog Vet is coming out tomorrow. She still won't be back from abroad, so this should be very interesting. I showed Pongo that he couldn't walk, and will show Mr O when he comes home, too.
I am prepared to turn a blind eye to the appalling grazing, the lousy hacking and the fact that we have no menage, but if she thinks I am going to stand by and watch a pony suffer and say nothing, she is very much mistaken.

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  1. Sorry to hear the horse is still in pain. Hopefully its just related to the abscess and not laminitis.
    Cute story about your daughter Lisa, the little singer! ;)


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