Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Road Less Traveled By

Such busy days. I have had to go to the doctor, which meant another walk down the steep hill into the village. It was actually easier without Tessa dragging me down there.
The doctor was very nice. We have lived here for eighteen months and never visited the surgery. It just goes to show what country living can do for you. The doctor said, "Oh, you are at the house with the new manege!" There are no secrets in the country.
On the way back I spotted the footpath Mr O had suggested as a short-cut home. It was a steep climb to even get on it, then a series of steps that seemed to go on forever to a blue sky at the top. I stood and considered, and decided to take the road less traveled by, just out of curiosity. I climbed up the stone stile, then onto the stone steps, set roughly into the hillside. Fortunately there was a handrail to cling onto. I stepped slowly and painstakingly upwards. I came out onto the narrow lane at Hill Top, to my surprise. We ride along here all the time, so I knew where I was. I crossed the narrow lane, into the fields, and to my delight found it was downhill all the way home. I traversed the first field, through the lush green grass, then a second similar field, and then I realised what lay up ahead - a field full of cows with their calves.
Now, I'm not afraid of cows as a rule, having been brought up where there were loads at my grandparents, but knowing what horses can be like, and knowing these ladies had their young with them, I was cautious. All went well for several yards. I just had to keep going in a straight line to the next wall, where there is a narrow gap for walkers to fit through (though some people's podgy dogs have a bit of a struggle - mention no names!)
The cows were asleep at first, but my presence soon aroused their curiosity, and they got up, and sashayed casually but determindly towards the gap in the wall in order to block my exit. I eyed the barbed wire fence to my left, which I felt confident I could oer'leap, should the occasion require it. I kept my course and the bovines kept their watery eyes on me as I made it to the exit. You've never seen a human being move so fast as I did while leaping through the gap; I'd have made Usain Bolt envious. I was home and dry.
It was quite interesting to come upon our farm from that direction. It looked quite different. I could see the horses and the manege and the back of the barn, and it all looked very nice. I must take some photos soon.
After that it was action stations as some men came to lay the fibre on the sand in the manege, and the guys came to put the roller shutter door on the barn, and the delivery men appeared from Pop's Attic to deliver this:

Obviously I couldn't leave it standing there, cold and naked. Pretty soon he looked like this:

but I'm sure it will evolve. I have christened it Dai Jones (it is a welsh dresser, after all!) I am more than happy with it.

I went out to ride yesterday, but when I got to the field, this is the scene that met my eyes:

I didn't have the heart to get him up, and tiptoed away. Maybe later...

I am working on a cross-stitch bookmark, which is for the Bookmark Exchange on facebook. Unfortunately I can't show you until after I've finished it and sent it, as the recipient has been known to linger here. All I can say is, I am thoroughly enjoying the design I've chosen and will make one for myself as soon as it's finished.
I've also made some cupcakes, and am pleased to say I haven't lost my touch, considering I haven't made any for ages. The icing was a bit runny, though, but I had great fun using my piping bag for the first time. I need to buy some things to decorate them with and have another go next week.
Mrs O.


  1. oh what a luxury to have a menage- mind you, if Bruce thought he had to work that hard he'd probably lay down too and refuse to budge!

  2. Good afternoon, Mrs. O~

    I am sorry you had to make a visit to the doctor's office, but I'm glad you had a nice visit! :> )

    It is nice, sometimes, to get a different perspective on where we live. There are some angles on our property where I really like my home, but there are others where....YUCK! lol

    I really like your "Dai Jones," it is beautiful! I would love something similar in my kitchen. I'll guess I'll have to give My Skippy Man a few more hints! lol

    The picture of the horse is beautiful. I would have done the same thing, and let him sleep!

    Have a great day, my friend!


  3. I like the idea of putting your challenges on the side. That's a lot on your plate for May!


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