Monday, 16 May 2011

Southern Belle

Finally, the most exhausting weekend of my entire life has come to an end and I can relax a bit today and try to get some energy back.  I have so much to tell you I think I'll have to spread it over a couple of posts.
So, rewinding back to Thursday, which seems a very long time ago now, I waited and waited for Mr O to finish work, so that he could drive me to the station, where I would catch the train to London.  From there I jumped onto  the train down to Worthing where my sister picked me up.  It was 11.30 pm by then, the first of several late nights to come.
Son 2, Daughter 2 and hubby were already there, and the Flower Fairy was in bed.  It was so sweet when she woke up on Friday morning and realised I was there.  I decided I had to see the sea, so we walked the dog around the corner from the house and onto the beach.  Fabulous. 
But the real reason I had gone was to celebrate my niece's wedding.  The whole day took place in the Highdown Towers Hotel, a beautiful venue.  Cathy had chosen the colour purple to go with off-white for her colour scheme, and it worked beautifully.  Each chair was covered in white fabric with a big purple bow tied round the back.  The flowers were stunning, with glitter on the roses and little silver flower heads that really caught the light. 
Here's the cake, which sums up the colour scheme perfectly.  The bridesmaids had the same flowers round the waistband of their dresses, which is what had given Cathy the idea for the cake.

The reception was held downstairs, and it felt a bit like stepping into the dining room of the Titanic, it was amazing.  You can see the enormous champagne glasses on each table, which were filled with purple water and had candles floating on the top.  My granddaughter was speechless for once!
I managed to keep my cool and not cry at all, until it came to the speeches, and Cathy's dad just about nailed it.  He was very funny, but his love for Catherine was obvious, as he declared what a special daughter she is and how lucky Lewis was to have won her heart.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. 
And here are the bride and groom. 

To my surprise, I found myself dancing until midnight, then it was time for the bride and groom to leave, and finally we could wend our way home, exhausted but happy. 
The next day I woke up and groggily packed my bags (travel light they said, huh, have you ever tried it?) and my sister drove me back to the station.  Soon I reached London Victoria.  I ought to explain that I lived in London for six years in my younger days and absolutely loved it.  I was wondering if I'd remember how to do the tube, and actually it was a doddle, I just stayed on the Victoria Line all the way to King's Cross station then legged it to St Pancras, and out the other side. 

 I have to say, though, it's a good job I had a fixed ticked otherwise I would have been off shopping, I can tell you.  The buzz of London hasn't altered at all.  On the tube, we got to Green Park station and the announcer said, "Alight here for Buckingham Palace," and I thought, 'I could just go for a little look...'  I dread to think what time I'd have got home if I had done! 
And so I was home, from a wonderful time away, but things didn't stop there.  I'll tell you the next installment tomorrow.  For now, let's just say I'm extremely grateful I don't have to go to work and can sit on the sofa for a while and recuperate today.
Back soon
Mrs O.


  1. Any pictures of that bridal gown? It looks stunning!!

    Best wishes to the happy couple. It looks as if it was a truly beautiful wedding.

  2. Wow those purple glasses really are impressive, good that you had a nice time best wishes to the couple.

  3. Oh Jane it sounds fabulous, Im so glad all went well and you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. And to be able to spend day with the family must have been so lovely to.
    The journey sounds like a nightmare but Im so glad youve now got back and can rest and relax and recup your strength again. Looking forward to the next episode. with hugs Shirleyxx


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