Thursday, 30 June 2011

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Goodness, it's been a busy week.  This is my favourite time of year, though, as it's Wimbledon fortnight.  It is absolute bliss to be at home and be able to watch it.  I am counting my blessings (and eating strawberries straight from the garden!)
Some good news and some bad news:  The goslings are now enormous.  When they stand up their bellies are higher than the ducks' backs.  They all live together in the duck house.  They seem terribly hungry all the time (who doesn't?!) so I am giving them extra feed.  I've no idea how big they'll end up.  Their feathers seemed to arrive in a day.
The sad part is that last week one of them injured his foot and was limping around.  We put him in a pen on his own as he was distressing the others because he couldn't follow them and they didn't want to leave him.  He has been feeling very sorry for himself, and to be honest, on Tuesday morning I thought he'd had enough and was dying.  He was just laying there, occasionally lifting his head up to look at me.  I was debating whether to put him out of his misery and decided to wait until Mr O got home from work, but when we went to look at him he was sitting up and looked fine.  It's driving me bonkers not knowing what to do.  He must be able to move around as he is in different places when I go and look at him, he did hiss at me and is definitely eating and drinking, so I'm in a quandary.  There has to be a downside to country life, I suppose and this is it.
Yesterday was Mr O's birthday.  He had a half-day from work and came home at 12.30.  We decided to go and see Transformers 3 at the cinema.  I can sum it up in one word, a word that I don't use very often.  It was, in fact

I could quite easily have sat there and watched it all through again.  I was enthralled.  What on earth is a 44 year old woman doing watching and enjoying a film about some robots from outer space?  I couldn't stand the cartoon.  I couldn't stand tripping over little bits of car on the carpet when the children were small, and yet, I am transfixed by the movies.  I've always liked action films, but this one is exceptional.  There are some films you just have to see on the big screen and this is definitely one of them.  And Shia LeBeouf, for goodness sake, don't you know I'm old enough to be your mother?

Afterwards we went for dinner at a pub/restaurant near us called The Nettle.  To be honest, we went there for lunch a while ago and I wasn't terribly impressed by the food, so when Mr O asked me to book a table I did so with a touch of reluctance and was prepared to say I'd really enjoyed it even if I hadn't.  But this time we were in the restaurant proper, and the food was outstanding.  We both had grouse to start and both had ribeye of beef on a haggis mash, for our main course, which was out of this world.  There are very few words to do it justice. 
We drove home happy and replete and found that all the haylage had been baled in our absense and the horses were happily stuffing their faces in the now cut top field.  And can I just say, "About time, too!"  The horses have been so desperate to get on it that we've been putting out bales of hay to keep them going.  I am not a procrastinator myself, so it does drive me mad to be at the mercy of someone who is.
Apparently there had been all the usual chaos of tractors breaking down, etc. but the job is done and I didn't have to do it, so I must try not to complain.
I'm off to pop round all your blogs and see what you've been up to.
More very soon
Mrs O.


  1. Happy! Birthday to Mr O. I have seen all the other Transformer movies but have yet to see the one you went to see, I liked the ones I have see, but I did find it kind of hard to keep up with who was kicking who’s but, still I do look forward to seeing the new one. The injured goose sounds like it is going to need quite a lot more looking after than the others, but I think if it can get around it must be able to make a recovery, please do keep us informed.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. O! Hope you are having a grand time.

    Poor gosling. I don't know enough about birds to be much help, I'm afraid. Wonder if swimming would help? Water therapy???

    As for the rest of your post, good things come in nice big packages sometimes. Fun at the film, hay baled, and a new field for the horses. What a great day!

  3. Hi Jane, I do hope you have a wonderful weekend, and you manage to sort out the gosling. hugs Shirleyxxxxx


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