Friday, 29 July 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - July

I'm going to pretend I've deliberately put this at the end of the month,
instead of at the beginning, like it normally is! 

Outside my window:  Lots of plants are going to seed.  I am a bad gardener.  Actually I am a very good gardener, but I've had to let Mr O find out for himself!  I'll probably take on a bit more next year, but to be honest, with horses, chickens etc to see to, plus housework and the odd bit of cardmaking, I've got enough to do without taking on an ever expanding garden as well!

I am thinking: back to my lesson on Tuesday, which was fabulous.  Nicky hardly said anything, except at the end, when she said, "Try not to fall back into any bad habits."  Praise indeed.  I don't know why I've suddenly sussed it, but I'm extremely pleased.  Only two more lessons before 'The Big Show'.

I am learning: how to use my new Aquamarkers.  They are amazing.  I knew they would be.  There's nothing nicer than spending an hour lost in the wonder of painting. 

I am wearing: navy blue jods.  I have a terrible habit of wiping my hands on my trousers when I'm working.  I also dropped an ink pad, face down, on my favourite jeans yesterday.  Scruffy trousers it is, then!

I am reading: 'Rough Ride' by John Francome.  I love his books.  They are all connected to racing in some way.  I found it in a second hand shop, along with another book by Philippa Gregory, so that'll be next.

I am hoping/praying: for my friend Priscilla who is opening a new chiropractic clinic but having terrible problems with the planning department.  I'm sure it'll come right in the end.

On my mind: I had to go to the doctor's on Wednesday, with a rash all over my back.  It turns out it's a histamine reaction to the prawns I ate on Tuesday night.  I've had this once before, but about ten years ago.  The doctor prescribed  some tablets, which have stopped the itching/stinging.  I felt as if all my nerve endings were on fire.  Better than having shingles I guess.

From the kitchen:  I have eaten blueberries in a trifle last night and some on my breakfast this morning.  I thought they'd be really sour, like redcurrants or something, but they were gorgeous.  I do love blueberry muffins, though, so I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.  They'll be on the menu regularly from now on...

I am creating: cards using some cross stitch pictures I made last year.  Really pleased with the first one.  Time for a little more cross stitch, I think.

I am hearing:  Radio 2.  Very interesting, as usual.

Noticing that: there are so many flies here at the moment.  I don't think there should be this many.  I've hardly seen any wasps or bees, but swarms of flies coming in the kitchen, and flying around the manege.  Missis has given me a fly mask and I put it on Barnaby yesterday.  Once he realised it kept the flies off his face, he decided he really liked it.  Last time we tried it, a few years ago, he got it off and buried it in the haylage pile, hoping to never see it again!  An indication of how bad the flies are, I think.

Around the house: Blatant peace and quiet as Pongo and Missis are on holiday.  No dogs barking, no children running around.  Bliss.  Feeding the fish is a small price to pay.

One of my favourite things:  Missis brought me back some coffee from Canada that's flavoured with maple syrup.  It has the most gorgeous smell.  I am trying to cut back on coffee, but it's not going to happen with something like that around, is it?

A scripture thought:  'The joy of the Lord is your strength.'  I had this scripture while making a card for a friend recently.  A week later I was at her house and noticed she had it on a little plaque on the wall.  Result!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Taking Ebony's (granddaughter) birthday card and present to her on Saturday (you can see why I didn't want to have shingles!) and... on Sunday I am going to our old yard to take part in a fancy dress treasure hunt (on horseback, obviously!)  I think I mentioned that I have to dress up as Where's Wally?  We ride round in teams of four and have to work out the clues to find certain objects.  I may put photos on here next week, it depends how incriminating they are (bright blue spandex leggings!!)  I am so looking forward to this, and I'm sure Barnaby won't let me down. 

A picture thought: 

Tigger's house.  He's very happy here...

Have a great weekend, everyone,
Mrs O.


  1. I really enjoyed reading all your news. Tigger looks really happy in his house! Your cross stitich cards sound fab. Big hugs, Em xx

  2. I remember the days when you could only get beige jods; I am such a messy person that they'd only last 1 day. I had a workmate who worked really hard all day but her beige jods lasted all week; don't know how she did it! Once coloured jods came out, I used to dye all the beige ones that had hoof oil stains with black dye but they came out grey.

  3. I am looking forward to reading about how your fancy dress ride goes I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun.

    I was thinking about getting Niko something to keep the flies off him, but I wonder how he would be about wearing it.

    Ah blueberry muffins yummy you’ve got love a good muffin.

    Tigger is one cute kitty, and that sure is a comfy looking house.

  4. Aside from the rash, everything seems to be going wonderfully for you. IT all sounds lovely, even the garden.

    Looking forward to hearing about that ride, and yes, pictures are required. *lol* in New Jersey, USA, the blueberries are big and sweet. Totally yummy!!

  5. Hi Jane, it sounds as if youve been having a busy week, I had another bad reaction to a bite so back on the histamines, they are a godsend and stop the itching.
    I do want to wish you luck in the wheres Wally competition. hugs Shirleyxx


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