Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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I know I haven't blogged for a week.  The thing is, I'm coming up against the same problem all the time.  Things are going on around here and in order for me to tell you exactly how it is, I could really drop myself in it, if Missis ever came across it and read it and it's not a totally accurate record for me if I leave out the gory details.  So I am probably going to finish this blog at the end of the year.  If only a few people read it anyway, I may as well keep a diary.  I will carry on with my card-making blog, though.
This is because we had a woman who came with her daughter last week, to have a look round with a view to bringing her horse here.  You need to know first of all, that I have totally blitzed the place, and it looks fantastic.  Basically the whole stable area has been cleared of Missis' junk.  The shared space outside of the stables, but within the barn, is completely clear.  The farrier is coming Thursday and I can't wait to see his face.  He'll actually be able to shoe a horse without wondering what he's going to trip over.
Anyway, this woman came, with daughter and boyfriend, and they seemed very impressed with what they saw, especially the manege.  
Just before they came, I asked Pongo if he could guarantee me a strong door on the stable that has been designated as a tack room, and he said no, that he'd put a door on the garage outside our kitchen.  Missis and I have been having lengthy discussions about how this would be a room for us, which I would immediately turn into a craft room.  But now Pongo has decided that would be the tack room.  Great. It's got our tumble dryer and freezer in there, so I'm not sure how that would work. But I do see where he's coming from, as, if we (ever) move into the other barn, the tack room in there would be needed as a stable, so it seems silly to buy a door for it, just for a few months.  But even so...
Don't forget, one minute we're told they've applied to have the roof rebuilt, and we'd have an extra room upstairs, but that didn't work, then we're told the garage will be an extra room for us, but now it's going to be a tack room.  Marvellous.  So I had to put a brave face on it when I showed these people round and say grandly, "And this will be the tack room!"
It drove me mad because Pongo walked round with us and wouldn't go away.  Even Missis had the sense to come out and introduce herself and go away again.  I didn't twig until much later why he wouldn't go.  We got down to discussing the cost of straw.  Missis and I had just talked about it before they turned up and she told me to charge £2/bale.  They asked me how much we would charge, so of course I said £2 when suddenly Pongo piped up, "How much do you pay now?" and it turns out that's what he'd been loitering for.  They said they paid £2.50/bale so he said, "Well that's how much we'd charge as at the moment we're not sure how much we'll be paying as the farmer we used to get it from has sold his farm, so we're sourcing it elsewhere."  Oh my flaming God!  When were they going to tell us this?  Bear in mind that it's been on the news that it could well snow in October.  We have about six bales of straw in the barn and might need to bed our horses down very soon indeed and they don't know where to get straw from.  Flippin 'eck. 
But I just stood there trying to stay calm but probably going redder and redder and still Pongo wouldn't go away.
The next day I confronted Missis and she said it was true that the guy we used to get our straw from has sold his farm (not just Pongo trying to make a quick buck, then) so she's trying to find it from somewhere else but doesn't want the huge round bales (we couldn't collect them). 
But the outcome is that it's been over a week now and this woman hasn't even phoned me to say she will or won't be coming.  I guess we assume she won't be coming, don't we?  I actually have her phone number in my call log on my phone so I'm tempted to ring her and ask what she's decided.  Or do I just assume it's obvious.  A tad frustrating.
So I'm just going along as normal with our three horses until the next person rings.
I'll leave it there for now and try to write again soon. 


  1. That's tough. I hope things sort themselves out soon. It's hard to know how much to disclose on a blog isn't it, I struggle with getting the balance right there too. Sending love and hugs, Em xx

  2. Oh dear Jane, Ive a feeling it might be better to throw it all back to Pongo to sort out, why should you have the hassle of getting people if hes going to scare them away as soon as they come to view. Good luck love, hugs Shirleyxxx

  3. I read your blog and I'd miss it!
    hope things sort themselves out

  4. We read your blog too Jane, please don't think no-one reads it because that's just not true! I set myself half an hour to read it with a coffee every week :-)

  5. I read here too! Been a bit lax lately due to my knee surgery, but I do enjoy your horse tales.

    Hope things work out. It is very frustrating when people do not give you all the information you need to make good decisions. So sorry.

  6. Have to say I did wonder if Pongo and Missis knew about the blog. If they don;t blog themselves they'll probably be none the wiser. You have to do what is best for you but I for one would miss this blog if you did give up.


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