Sunday, 8 November 2009

Afternoon Tea

Things are slightly different here on Sundays. Well they are on a normal Sunday anyway, like today. There is no such thing as a lay-in now that the horses are in at night. They expect their breakfast at 7.30am, no matter what, but usually it's Mr O that does it at the weekend, so I get a few more minutes in bed, but Barnaby is soon ready to go out, and this morning was no exception, especially after hunting yesterday. He was still hunting this morning, marching constantly up and down, and staring into the distance, rather than going straight to the haylage.
Then it's 'all hands on deck' to get the mucking-out done, and the hay nets finished, then we get changed and leave for church.
It was beautiful today, especially as it's Remembrance Sunday. A guy called Patrick spoke very well. He is in the TA, with a lot of friends serving in Afghanistan at the moment, and you could see he struggled to keep his emotions in check. We had the two minute silence, a short moment to ponder our gratitude to God that we live in a country where we are still free to come together in church to worship Him, thanks to some phenomenally brave men and women who gave (and are still giving) their lives in service to their country. We will remember them.
I decided to ride Max with Mr O riding Zak, and Missis came too. Zak has had a tendon injury, but is now well enough to be walked out. I walk him in hand during the week, but Mr O is riding him at the weekend, and Zak is getting stronger and stronger. The urge to trot is incredibly strong, but we must resist and be patient. It will be worth it in the end. Missis looked down from on high (well, on Lindy, anyway) and noticed Max and suddenly said, "Well, you're looking rather pretty, aren't you?" and I realised that Max was on the bit, and looking rather stunning, doing his 'I was a Lipizzaner in a former life' impression! I was so thrilled I am surprised I didn't get a headache from my head swelling underneath my hat!
I baked some chocolate cakes this afternoon. They have golden syrup in and are absolutely gorgous, light as a feather, but slightly sticky on the inside. I used the muffin cases, and really filled them, so they were nice and big. I have had a big baking project over the summer, and, though I say it myself, my cakes have got better and better. Baking has never been my forte, but now I bake all my own bread, cakes and biscuits.
You can tell it's winter, as the ritual of afternoon tea has begun again. For some reason, when it's cold at the weekend, we love to sit in front of the fire, possibly with a good film on, or the racing if it's a Saturday, with a pot of tea each (Mr O likes Earl Grey) and either cakes or crumpets or even toast with jam. I have a beautiful three tiered cake stand, cream coloured from Laura Ashley, a present from Lorayne, or if I make a big sponge cake, I have a glass cake stand. Mr Tumnus would feel very at home.

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