Tuesday, 24 November 2009

And It Came to Pass

Last year, while I was still working, and the credit crunch was in full swing, I began to wonder what I would do for my next job. They closed our accounts office in Bootle, and then a factory, and we all sat there worrying every day, when our turn would come.
Due, I think, to having some beautiful grandchildren, I began to toy with the idea of being a nanny again. I used to be a nanny years ago, in London, and I loved it.
But then I thought about the fact that I don't drive. I thought, the least a prospective employer is going to need is someone who can take the children to nursery or swimming or toddler group or something, and I'd never find a job. But I could dream.
Then when this job came up, Missis mentioned that she had children. I said, "Well it may interest you to know that I used to be a nanny." She said that was very interesting because quite often when she is away they could do with someone to look after the children after school until Pongo gets in from work. Then she said, "They get dropped off from the school bus right outside the house!" How amazing is that? I think I knew then that this was what God was planning for us, the door that he was opening.
So, of course, here we are, and I have the boys two evenings a week after school, and have had them two days a week during the summer holidays. I am saying this because I may need to mention them from time to time. They haven't asked to be in here, so I shall refer to them simply as Six and Nine. That will do very well.

As a follow-on from yesterday, Mr O and I had a big prayer time last night, as I have realised that although I have certainly left the rat-race, he definitely hasn't. He said part of this rushing around thing he does at the weekend is because he wants to fit in as much as possible before he goes back to work on Monday morning. He just starts to slow down and enjoy life, and get the stress of work out of his system, when he is plunged straight back into it again. And the company he works for is a very stressful place to be. I should know, I stood it for three years, before deciding enough was enough. So I just prayed that all of that would come off him.
We are making changes here though. I lost interest in television a long time ago, way before we moved here. Mr O has developed the habit of flicking through the channels at night, trying to find something to watch, but it's all boring. This is why I'm on the internet, as I never get near the remote control anyway. We've never watched any of the soaps, we don't watch reality tv, so that only leaves sport and the odd quiz programme. I can't believe how many times the same programme is repeated during the week either. We watch old episodes of Friends, and Top Gear and that's about it. We read a lot.
So we are looking for other things to do in the evenings, apart from prayer times and Bible study, which we already do. I want positive things that will help Mr O to unwind, and be a complete contrast to all the negative garbage that tries to cling to him from work. Watch this space.

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