Friday, 23 April 2010

Introducing George

I came out yesterday morning and Lindy whinnied as usual, but of course there was no echo from Max and no one to nuzzle me as I came round the corner. A very peculiar sensation, but I'll have to get used to it. I decided to do what any decent girl would do - I rode Barnaby. Thank the Lord for him, otherwise I don't know what I'd do.
But I would be lying if I didn't tell you that only having two stables to do instead of three isn't a blessing. And only two (huge) haynets to do, instead of four.
We had re-arranged the electric fencing on Wednesday night so that the horses could go up out of the winter paddock and onto the first of the summer fields. Missis let her horses out (and Zak) while I took Barnaby down to Jolly Farmer's for a schooling session. He was extremely good, and is quickly getting used to what I require of him, which isn't much at this stage. We just did lots of circle work to bend and stretch him and have increased our canter work. His balance is improving all the time, I didn't feel like he could topple over doing the corners like last week. We had what turned out to be a gallop on the way home, but it was lovely. I washed him down, then turned him out. He walked slowly up the field, trying to figure out where the others were, then got faster and faster as he realised the gate was open and he shot through into the other field. I thought there would be lots of galloping about, but he just got on with the important business in hand - eating as much grass as he can manage in the shortest possible time. Fortunately there isn't too much at the moment, but they are enjoying the bliss of it.
Well I think it's time to introduce you to our new arrival. One of the guys building the manege has a brother who lives in town (Alfreton, I think) and he has a cockerel. As you can imagine, the neighbours have complained. He saw our chickens and asked if we would like the cockerel. We ummed and ah'hed about it for a day then decided to go for it. He brought him in a huge cardboard box yesterday, which I opened and saw the most gorgeous and enormous bird. Here he is:

He has been strutting up and down all day. The Ladies Who Lunch were startled, to say the least, but later I saw him on one of the nesting boxes and Roxy on the other, exchanging pleasantries. He is only seven months old, so I don't quite know when he'll begin to work his charms on the WI, but I'd like to wish him all the very best.
Having considered names that might be suitable, such as Arthur, Uther Pendragon, Henry etc I decided to call him George. Then later on when I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed I suddenly thought, 'Oh, that makes him Chicken George!' Oh well.
The same man has also given us some duck eggs that have been fertilized. We are hoping Henny Penny, who has been very broody, will sit on them, but I think she gave up the idea of starting a family yesterday, so we'll have to see. If not, they'll have to go under a lamp. Why a chicken would want to bring up a clutch of ducks is frankly beyond me. She's hardly going to take them to the pond and say, "There we are little darlings, jump in!" is she? Although if she's sick of parenting by then, she may consider it as an option. I will keep you posted.
I am having a lot of fun making cards, using up odds and ends, like this one:

This is for Pongo. I don't get to make many 'man-cards' so this made a nice change and was a doddle to make. If you look closely you can see all the different layers.

I made this one quickly yesterday to take to Priscilla for her birthday. I liked it so much I am going to make another one for my portfolio.

This one was made to use up a set of toppers, but any excuse to use up some ribbon, and I used my new flower punch for the first time, to punch out the three green flowers which I then decided to use in the top corner.

I made this one because I am dying to use some green and yellow together, my favourite colour combination. I used three of my new pretty polka dot buttons at the bottom. They are so sweet.

I have several more birthdays coming up, so I have plenty to keep me busy.
Have a good weekend, everyone, and I hope the sun shines for you.


  1. Love the cards and so glad you have a new buddy. :)

  2. Lovely cockerel and lovely cards! What type of card do you use and where do you buy it from? I'm kind of stuck as to what to buy.

  3. Hello, my friend~

    It is so nice to meet George! He is very handsome indeed!

    Girl......are you talented! I love the cards, they are BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. George is handsome as the day is long!

    And...I think people who take care of horses work about as hard as anybody ever did on a chain gang!

  5. The Laughing Cow: I buy lots of craft stuff at my local craft shop. Most big towns seem to have one. I like Hobby Craft too, though it is more expensive. Even Wilkinsons sell card stuff, I picked some nice things up today.
    Laura: Thankyou for your lovely comments!
    June: You are so right!


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