Monday, 2 August 2010

A Busy Weekend

Well, this weekend has been incredibly busy. We've hardly been in the house.
On Saturday we took 'Er Indoors to have her annual vaccination booster. It's open surgery on a Saturday morning, so you just come and register and take your place in the waiting room until you're called. 'Er Indoors hates the vet. It stems from the one and only time we put her in kennels and she had to have the kennel cough jab, which actually isn't an injection, it's puffed up the dog's nose. She absolutely hated it and has never wanted to go to the vets since.
We waited ages to be seen. We couldn't help hearing the receptionist's conversations on the phone. At one point she said, "Yes, Mrs De Ville, that would be fine. Certainly Mrs De Ville, just bring them in on Thursday, that's no problem." Mr O and I looked at each other and shuddered.
Finally, it was our turn to be seen. Mr O put 'Er Indoors on the examining table. 'Er Indoors took a flying leap off it. Mr O hoisted her back up and held on for all he was worth. (I knew all that playing rugby for the navy would come in handy one day). The vet examined her all over. She said, "She's carrying a little weight." I thought, 'Blimey, you should see my horse.' 'Er Indoors hardly even noticed the actual injection. All done for another year.
We dropped 'Er back home, then went off to do the more exciting thing we'd planned - to go and see the film 'Inception' with Leonardo DiCaprio. We've seen the trailer and really wanted to go and see it. It is extremely good, but slightly surreal (all 2hrs and 28 mins of it). I do think Leo has honed himself as an actor, and his recent films have shown his impressive maturity, but more than that, there aren't many men who look as spellbindingly gorgeous as he does in a well cut suit. That's all I have to say about that (before I incriminate myself in any way!)
The film is slightly 'The Matrix' in style, but much better and very clever. I was a bit confused half way through, but really enjoyed it. I came out into the daylight, blinking, not sure if this was a dream, or if this was reality...
And so to Sunday, which was hectic, to say the least. First stop was church, for a family service, which was lovely.
Then up to Worksop

to celebrate

this young lady's third birthday.

The thought first struck me at the wedding, but came back to me more strongly today: I wonder if this little girl has any idea how many people love her? Parents, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents, everybody adores her, nobody bears her the slightest malice. Do you know, at that age, that you are adored? I wonder.
Then we drove to near Nottingham, to drop Son 1 at home (At this stage you may be wondering just how large my family is!)
And then, as arranged, we drove to the yard of Max's new owner, to go and see the boy himself. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Mr O and I recognised the place. The woman who'd bought my old mare Penny from me years ago, also liveried here. How strange. I sell all my old horses to the same yard!
We drove past grazing fields, and there he was. I'd recognise him anywhere. His new owner went and got him and he came poddling up. Of course, he hasn't changed a bit. She tacked him up and rode him. He did look sweet, but small, now I've got used to Barnaby's bulk ('summering well' is an understatement!) and very hairy, considering they've clipped a lot of his leg hair off. He seemed very well in himself, and not the slightest bit interested in me until I produced an apple at the end. I am glad he is well and happy. I have to say, I never went to visit Crispin in his new home, when I sold him, because I knew I would sob and want to take him back with me, but I knew if I saw Max I would be all right. I knew I had Barnaby to rush home to, and I'm glad to say he more than makes up for my loss, which is good, isn't it? It made me realise how far I've come with The Bardy Lad and that he is the horse I've truly been waiting all my life for.
And so today I am going to relax and enjoy sitting here, reaquainting myself with the four walls I've hardly seen all weekend!
Have a good week, everyone.
Mrs O.


  1. Sounds like a very good weekend to me. You definitely need to sit back and relax today to recoup all that spent energy lol Making some cards would make the day complete for me! :o)

  2. Taking outdoor kitty to the vet tomorrow. Hope there's no wrestling match. Sounds like you guys won, anyhow. *G*

    Glad to hear Max has a happy home.

  3. I LOVE the name of your blog !!!! One of my chickens thinks she has visiting rights to my kitchen - walks right in past the dog & cats to snoop around.

    Thanks for your comment - I do know the blog you mention.
    My son & I are doing a cinema trip on thurs - may well see Inception. Saw Eclipse with my daughter last week - lots of eye candy there !
    Will be back to visit soon

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog in the Fens - lovely to have you drop in!

    We love our chickens, and have some ambitions to reproduce an old breed that no one seems to have any longer - I certainly can't buy them anywhere, so we are doing our best - it'll be a long process though. We also grow some veggies as you will have seen.

    I love your cross stitch - haven't done any of that since I was pregnant with the elder daughter and she's going to be 14 soon...have had a more recent go at scrapbooking and loved it, but no time at present to do enough! Will watch you instead!!

    No experience of horses, at all except that elder daughter is allergic, so we wouldn't be able to be as involved as you are anyway - you obviously love them all and it is great to read about your passions and enthusiasms - keep up the good work - the blog is great!



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