Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fairy Dust and Cupcakes

I bought a card making magazine ages ago that had some free chipboard toppers with Flower Fairies on them. I felt they were so beautiful that I'd rather wait until I was better at card making than waste them on something I didn't like, or worse still, end up throwing them away.
Finally I've felt that all the materials are in place to make something worthwhile with them, so here is the first one:
I felt that green and gold was the right colour scheme here, and am thoroughly enjoying the peel-offs I used. I popped the green gems on for a bit of bling, and there you have it.

This one isn't really finished, as I need to put a sentiment on but can't quite decide how to do it. I feel as if the picture is complete in itself, but it doesn't say who it's for or anything. I'll keep this to one side until inspiration strikes.

I used my new square scalloped punch and have put the same little green gems in the corners of each one. They catch the light beautifully.
And yes, I have had a little flit around the cupcake market. I do see the attraction, actually, but feel they're a little bit over done (if you'll pardon the pun).
This first one came together very easily. I felt as if I understood my colour and pattern constraints, and I've been dying to use the scalloped border punch I've just bought. I'm really pleased as it's all my own work, not an idea from a magazine or anything.

The pink paper is so perfectly smooth, it's very difficult to resist constantly stroking it! Who would have thought a plain piece of paper could be so attractive?!

This one, however, took about three days to complete, as I struggled to find a backing paper I liked, made my own by printing cupcakes at random and colouring it to match the topper, then decided when I put the topper on top of it, it didn't stand out enough, but I really wanted to use what I'd made, as I found it so striking. The answer was to make an easel card and use it on the bottom half, with some calmer yellow paper as the main backing.

Now that I've found how easy it is to make an easel card, I could make one every day of the week and not get bored!

This is my scrapbook page for August.

I had great fun making this, and decided to make full use of the beautiful My Mind's Eye papers and not show the actual scrapbook paper at all, although the red from my shirt was the inspiration for the scheme. Notice I have used rub-ons to print the word 'FUN'. They came off the backing sheet really easily, thus adding to my confusion with regard to rub-ons. Oh well, practise makes perfect.
Enjoy this rich, windy weather, everyone!
Mrs O.


  1. Hi, I love your cards. I too enjoyed using the Flower Fairy tags, they are rather beautiful aren't they? I especially like your easel card and have wanted to make one for ages but not sure how.... any chance you will do a tutorial sometime? Love Wendy x

  2. Your cards are lovely, how long have you been doing cards?

  3. Lovely creations all. I have to admire your dedication to your artwork. At this rate you might even think of offering some of your ideas to a card company???

  4. Lovely work. Your confidence is growing :o) I love making easel cards too, they're a lot easier than they look. Your background paper is really nice, fits the card perfectly. I like the embellishments that are on your scrapbook page. Do I need to buy them? LOL


  5. Wendy, yes I can do a tutorial, but they are much easier than you think.
    Mac n' Janet, I've been making cards since Christmas. It was my grandson's first Christmas and I wanted to make something special for my daughter to keep and it's just carried on from there, really.
    Jean and Margaret thankyou for your kind comments, I am flattered. Soon my head will be so big I won't be able to squash it into my riding hat!!

  6. Cute cupcake cards - the colour scheme really suits the images. M x

  7. Hello - I 'dropped by' by accident - doing research for my radio programme 'Passion for Poetry' which goes out tomorrow (Wed.) at 2.00 pm. (UK time) - what a lovely surprise - a beautiful site which uplifted and inspired me - thank you so much - the pictures are beautiful and it seems to me that love is entrenched in every word and illustration.
    Will re-visit soon. Beryl x


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