Saturday, 22 January 2011


I am so glad to see the end of what's been an incredibly busy week. Missis was away Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, appeared briefly Thursday morning, then flew to France in the afternoon and came back last night! 'Struth. This means I've mucked out all four horses every day except Thursday, when I only had Zak and Barnaby to do. It's also got colder and colder as the week's gone on, and yesterday the tap was frozen, so I had to do all the horse waters from my kitchen tap again. It also means I can't wash the horses' legs off at night, which is a pain.
As you can imagine, this hasn't left me a lot of time to do much else. By the time I've finished I just want to come in and collapse. I lunged Zak twice and rode Barnaby too, and levelled the manege, which was phenomenally hard work. It took four attempts to get the quad going and to pump the tyres up.
I have made a few cards though, these two for a commission from one of Mr O's colleagues:

How cute is this image? It's from Lili of the Valley. I was saving it for my granddaughter's birthday in August, but this customer wanted a card for her niece and I decided this would be perfect. I was so carried away I immediately made another one for the shop.

I'm very pleased with this one as well, another stamp from Lili of the Valley. It looks as though I'll be collecting these! I am definitely discovering my 'style'. Previously if anyone had asked me, I wouldn't really have known what to say, but even I can't help noticing I'm drawn to pastel colours and cute bears. There's always room for another bear in my collection. I love the lace and the flowers on this card, which are from Wild Orchid Crafts. These flowers are very petite and I do have some much bigger ones in various colours. There are lots of beautiful blogs where people show you cards used with these, but it has made me wonder recently whether people struggle to get them into an envelope, and whether they think to try it out with their own makes! Having made a card recently for Missis' son, I felt very strange when I had to actually write in it and put it in the envelope myself, I'm so used to making them for other people now.

I have actually been down to the shop today to take a few more. My rack is in the window, and it was so thrilling to see my own cards in there. Mr O was quite impressed. I am working on several Valentine's cards, but I'll show you those nearer the time.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.


  1. Hi Jane, yes it is a problem to get them into a envelope, but I get ones that will take them and hopefully protect the flowers, some of the other girls use boxes, but it doesnt matter what you use its still a problem to post them as they are termed small packages rather than envelopes which of course makes them that bit more expensive.
    Anyway my love I think your cards are fabulous I love your images those LOV stamps are gorgeous and youve certainly done a brilliant job with them. I will be getting your card into the post on Monday.
    Its a pity you carnt get Missy to do your mucking out for a couple of days to give you time of. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. The horsey card is really cute. No wonder you liked it so much.

    This winter is draining everyone's energy. Add in all that barn work and no wonder you are tired out.

    Try to get some rest and enjoy making those Valentines for the shop. I have a feeling they are going to sell really well!! *S*


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