Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New You?

Sorry to use such a hideous, magazine-style title today, but New Year's Resolutions are playing on my mind.
Firstly, I have really worked on the resolutions I made last year. The first one was to stop the terrible habit I have of interrupting people when they're talking to me. I mean, how rude! I just have the urge to get all my information out as quickly as possible, but it's terrible not to listen to people and really think about what they're saying before leaping in with your own point of view all the time, isn't it? Anyway, I'm pleased to say I've got a lot better at it, and am very conscious of it when I do 'o'erleap' someone. A work in progress, I think...
The second one was to stop dithering. I had to check up on this, as I wasn't sure if I meant procrastinating, but the dictionary says that means to keep putting off things you need to do. That isn't really my problem. I actually struggle with, "Shall I put the horses out/keep them in?" (when the weather's bad). "Shall I ride, or not?" "Shall I put this rug on Barnaby, or this rug?" Honestly, it drives me mad. Sometimes I don't ride and then I regret it later on - grrr! I have got a lot better at this too, but it's obviously tucked inside me somewhere as part of my nature, so I'll have to keep working on it.
So as I don't smoke and don't really need to diet (lucky me!) I'm not going to do the 'stop biting your nails' type of resolution (because I won't be able to stick to it for more than two days!) Instead I'm going to put up some challenges to cover the whole year, in addition to the monthly ones that go on my sidebar and change regularly. So, in no particular order, here are my challenges for 2011:
1. Get confident in jumping again, and do some with Barnaby this year. This is because I am loving the TREC competitions, and even they have a jump in the obstacle phase, so I forfeit my points for not doing it, which seems a shame just for basic cowardice. (I used to jump all the time).
2. Have a go at a challenge blog for cardmaking. I think I am getting good enough now, so I want to pluck up the courage to have a go. There are two aspects here: one is the challenge of making the card, the second is the technical know-how required to link my entry to someone else's blog. Oh well...
3. Improve my cooking skills and make more imaginative meals. This stems from way back, before we even lived here, when we would finish work, go to the yard, do the horses, get in at 8pm and find something quick and easy to cook before falling asleep. I don't have that excuse any more, as I am at home all day, and I am definitely bored with just buying the same old things when we go food shopping. Any recipes you have would be gratefully received. Much more about this in future posts, I'm sure.
4. Go to church as often as possible, and regularly do my home Bible study. I have no excuse, especially not lack of time.
5. Keep on studying German. I really love it, and now have more opportunities to use it, with friends on facebook and certain blogs I read. I'd like to read something and write something every week.

I think that's plenty to be going on with, especially with the monthly challenges running alongside. Have you decided on yours yet? Let me know if you have, I'd love to have a nose!
Mrs O.


  1. Like your resolutions! Can certainly identify with one of your last years about interrupting people when they're telling me something. I struggle with it mightily, it's not that I don't value what they're saying, it's partly that I'm always in a hurry and just need to slow down and really listen.
    Good luck on your resolutions.

  2. Oh my Jane, I love your resolutions, I must admit Im the same with listening to people I think we women carnt stand waiting for people to finish what they are saying as weve already gone onto the next subject, anyway Id better try and follow your example and give it a go. I do need to loose a stone, but Ive got a bit problem Ive got an underactive thyroid and putting weight on is no problem but getting it of is another thing altogether.
    Now to link your card to another blog, firstly click on the tab next to the one you are using it will give you a new page, find the challenge you want to take part in, the copy the address of it from the top bar, then go back to your post, and at the bottom of your post, click your cursor there then go to the top of the box and click on the LINK tab which will bring up a box, then paste the address youve just copied from the Challenge blog into the box on the second line, (it will show you the address of the challege) then click the ok button, if you look at the bottom of your post you will see the address there now. Finish your card then post it, afterwards, click on the title of that post it will bring up another main page, then copy and paste the heading again on the bar on the top, then go to the challenge page, and paste that address in the box they ask you to the URL box, then normally you put your name and email address in the other two boxes.
    Hope this helps. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx#
    You can use the link box for copy and pasting all sort of links behind words on your post by just highlighting a word, click on the link box and pasting the address in that box, then clicking OK.
    If you have any further problems let me know.

  3. Me too! I interrupt as well. When I was about 7 years old, I interrupted my Nanna. She got so annoyed with me, she slapped her hand hard down on the table and said, "Listen to me, Missy. Just remember you have two ears, but only one mouth. Why do you think God made us that way?" Naughty me! SueXXX

  4. No resolutions for me. All I'd do is break them! I admire people who strive to accomplish their long term goals, though, so I'll be here, cheering you on!

  5. I have been trying to work on interrupting others too. To get a word in with my hubs, it's the only way to go but I hate when it carries over to others.

    Other than that, it seems the older I get smaller my expectations for me get. Right now I'd just like to get my you know what out of bed sometime shortly after daylight hits and then stay alert while the sun shines. Once it's gone behind the hill for the night, I'm good with a long nap before going to bed. LOL

  6. Well! I can't believe how many of us suffer from the 'interrupting gene'! Great to know I'm in such good company. And thankyou for your info Shirley, I'll have to give it a go.

  7. I do the same too, and I know I'm doing it! I think it's because I am quite shy so it takes me a while to screw up the courage to speak and then I just need to get it all out while I still have the nerve! Good luck with your goals, I look forward to hearing your progress. M x


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