Friday, 29 April 2011

A Special Day

Of course, like the majority of people in Britain, I have been sitting in front of my television set nearly all day, to watch the wedding of William and Kate. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen (better than Charles and Diana's in my humble opinion).

I think as a nation, we have taken both boys to our hearts after their disasterous start in life, and just want to wish them well and see them happy. That William is happy was self-evident today. I love his relationship with his brother and his dad, and Catherine looked serene and full of poise. I think everyone loved the touch of driving out in Prince Charles' Aston Martin.

I'm very patriotic anyway, but I love all the pomp, ceremony and history involved in these grand royal occasions. I love the cheering crowds, the carriages and horses (including the one that chucked his rider off, how embarrassing for him!) and of course, the kiss on the balcony.

I thought her dress was fabulous (but her bouquet was tiny!) loved the bridesmaids outfits and the way the Abbey was decorated.

And so, I would just like to add my best wishes to those of our country today to wish William and Kate many many years of happiness together. Congratulations to you both.


  1. I do agree with you Jane, Diana would have loved yesterday and have been so proud of both her sons and how theyve turned out, they are a credit to her and their father. with hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  2. I thought the wedding was awesome too! She was stunning!!

  3. The horse did not exactly "chuck" his rider. He slipped and fell on the pavement. Fortunately neither horse nor rider was hurt and although the horse did run through the procession, all ended well.

    I didn't watch much, but from what I saw, it was a lovely event and the bride's dress was classy and beautiful.

    I certainly do wish them well from across the sea.

  4. What made me laugh was a shot of a guardsman getting on his horse; the pommel and cantle were so high and I don't suppose a metal breastplate is very flexible; he had to use a mounting block and was asking his mate to shove the horse sideways so he could get on. How unlike my graceful vaults into the saddle in my equestrian years. (Not).


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