Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Time For Some Cards

I've been very busy with cardmaking for the past couple of weeks. Because of all the horsey stuff going on, I may decide to use my other blog to show you my cards (it's sitting there dormant at the moment). I'll let you know if I decide to go down that route though.

For some reason I have loads of birthdays to make for in April. I do one for my eldest grandson and one for Pongo and Missis' eldest son (henceforth to be known as Badger!) I decided cars were the thing this year, especially as Badger had a Go-karting party on Saturday. So here we are:

This isn't quite finished, I did put '11 today' on the front as well. Here is the one for my grandson:

I heat embossed the car image. You can't really tell, but it gives it a completely different effect. Both cards have little pockets inside, where I've put money in. Apparently both boys were quite fascinated by this. Christian actually said, "Look what I've found inside it!" and was thrilled.

I made this for my lovely aunt. I saw some ideas for these in a magazine, and then only a couple of days later I actually saw the stamps and paper for sale in my local craft shop. I'd fallen in love with them in the magazine and could hardly believe I was looking at the very things I needed. I snapped them up pdq, I can tell you! I think I'll be using this stamp a lot.I had the idea a few weeks ago of making a note of everyone's birthdays in our Bible Study group so that I could make each person a card for their birthdays and get everyone in the group to sign it. This has gone down very well, much to my pleasure. So, with several cards on the go, my group leader rang me last week to say that Debs has had her baby and could I make her a card from the group. They've had a little girl, who they still haven't named (?) so I made this. I thoroughly enjoyed making it:

I've put flock on the baby's hat so it has a fluffy feel. The image is set on a doily, which feels like a crocheted baby's blanket, so the whole card is very tactile.

And here's the inside. I hope they like receiving it as much as I've enjoyed making it.

So what do you think? Should I split things up so the card making stuff is separate from the horsey stuff? The way things are going there will be a lot of competitions to write about this year, but I make a card nearly every day as well, so I'm not sure what to do.

Mrs O.

P.S. Can I also just say, in case you've been wondering, that there is clearly something wrong with the HTML on my blog at the moment, so it keeps putting everything together in one single paragraph. Even if you add the HTML in manually, it doesn't save it. I don't understand what's going on. Have I caused it? Any ideas?


  1. I think?....I run two seperate blogs, because one is everyday stuff, and the other is for the more, shall we say, "wild rides!"

  2. two separate blogs would be awesome. love your creations!!! you are so talented.

  3. As long as I have the address to both blogs bookmarked, two would be fine. I love looking at your cards and really enjoy the horsey tales.

    Clever cards for the boys. The extra pocket for the money was a great idea!

  4. I like the idea of two blogs as well. Your cards are such a work of art. You have a special gift!


  5. I agree with everyone else. I love looking at your cards, and even though I'm not horsey, I do enjoying reading about your boys too. x x

    By the way, my blog's not behaving either - Blogger is obviously having an off day!

  6. The spacing thing is a recurring known issue with blogger, one that they don't seem to have fixed yet. My sn has taken to putting a htograph between each paragraph as it was driving hin nuts!


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