Monday, 5 September 2011

Farewell Hugo

We went to fence judge at our old yard yesterday, for the showcross.  It poured with rain most of the day, and we got drenched, but it was a good day.  Three cheers for my friend Leanne, who won the Novice Senior section, having only just got back on a horse in recent weeks.
As arranged, Missis took Hugo to Nicky's yard at lunch time.  I made sure I said goodbye to him on Saturday.  I hope he finds a good new owner and gets back into competing as he is such a talented horse and only nine.  He was wasted here, really. 
Missis came out to see us before we set off for Lorna's, to say that a prospective livery was coming to look round in the evening and that she wanted me to be there, as she'd like to introduce me as the Yard Manager.  To be honest, I am delighted by this, and have cheered up considerably.  Missis has told me how much she wants from each livery and that I can charge to turn out, bring in and muck out, although I don't want to do too many.
So the two girls came at 5pm.  They share a horse between them.  In fact, the younger girl owns him but is away at university and the older woman does him four days a week (including the weekend fortunately).  They would want me to turn out every day, bring in three days and muck out three days.  A woman helped them out at the yard they're on, but she's left as she had to have her horse put to sleep, so they've got no one to do him and need help on the days they can't be there.
The main thing for me is that they're quite happy to poo pick the field.
They had a good look round and seemed quite happy, but they have to give 30 days notice at the yard they're on, so hopefully they will do, and then they'll come, but we'll see.
Missis has complied with all my requests, like:
proper tack storage (one of the stables in the new barn will have a heavy door put on it like Pongo's got on his workshop, and each livery will be given a key.)
No smoking on site at all.
No dogs.
Everyone uses the same gate we use, which John will unlock in the morning and lock up at night.

So we'll have to wait and see.  Missis is going to advertise in local tack shops and in the village shop.  Hopefully they'll all be DIY as I don't want to be mucking out other people's horses all day and be worse off than I was before (physically) but at least I'll be being paid for it this time, and we really need a couple of horses to be companions for Barnaby and Zak once Lyndy goes.
Watch this space.
More very soon


  1. You have my sympathy on the mucking out; at one time I used to do 12, so I know what it's like! Mind you, on that yard, they were skipped out 4 mornings a week and every evening, and mucked out properly 3 times a week and it worked very well.

  2. Hmm so you are going to be running a livery yard sounds fun, mucking out not so fun I don’t mind mucking out straw but I am not so big on shavings but they are very good for ponies. Hope you get some really nice liveries.

  3. Hi and thanks for your entry in my giveaway - I think you were the person who got me onto How Green are my Wellies - am I right? The Flea Markets of France book is indeed lovely on the inside too. I did a review of it here:

    but didn't take any photos of the inside!

    You can flick through the pages on the Amazon link, though:


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