Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's been a hectic few days.  I suppose I am blessed really that I am too busy living life to have time to sit down and write about it!
I hacked Barnaby out yesterday.  As you know, he is a bold horse, who is afraid of nothing.  So when we went down the first lane and a pigeon flew out of the trees just above our heads, and Barnaby leapt to the right, I thought it was acceptable.  It actually startled both of us.  Fair do's.
We continued down into the village, where a number of the scarecrows from the weekend were still lounging about, minding their own business.  Barnaby didn't turn a hair, and was quite close to some of them, including Lady Gaga... 
And yet, when we came to the yellow circle painted in the road, apparently this was terrifying and required an energetic leap to the left ('It's just a jump to the LEFT!) in front of some elderly types at the entrance to the nursing home.  I was not embarrassed, no siree!
We trotted on until we came to a gate.  Not just any gate, but the gate, beyond which lives the love of Barnaby's life.  Yes, Maud the donkey resides there.  Barnaby arched his neck, ("Hello, Pretty!") Maud batted her eyelashes, ("Oh Sir Barnaby, how lovely to see you!")  Oh for goodness sake, can we get on
Instead of going straight home, I decided to take a detour.  At one point there is a garden which is about 2 feet above our heads.  I don't know how to explain why it's so high above the lane, but it is.  I know there is a dog in this garden and that he will come out all guns blazing, which he does, so it's a good job I'm ready as Barnaby does another death defying leap to the right.  It's amazing that something so heavy can leap so speedily in the opposite direction to that in which it was originally travelling.  I guess I can forgive him for this one, too, as, let's face it, a barking dog must look pretty scary to a horse when it's above him, it must look as though it's about to leap on his back or something. 
So I got home in one piece, and so did my noble steed.  Or not so noble, now I come to think of it.  All we needed was a few guns going off and I'd have ended up in Derby!
Jane xx


  1. My horse Niko spooks all the time when he is out hacking but normally at small silly little things, but the annoying part is he doesn’t care if a car is coming our way he has caused a few traffic jams in the past. Glad you and Barnaby made it home ok.

  2. Hi Jane, you didnt half bring smiles to my face, poor Barnaby I think I would have jumped myself at those things, I jumped when I picked up a flowerpot with a toad inside it really did give me a fright, and the dog looked at me a bit strange, luckily it didnt move or I would have run believe me. hugs Shirleyxxx

  3. Well, my Toby once spooked at a mouse running across a fallen tree. Must have been the elephant blood in him...*G*

    Sounds like a pretty typical ride to you can tell. Glad you both got home in one piece.

    Silly Barnaby...*S*


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