Friday, 26 February 2010

BBC Radio 2

Mr O has been off work all week and it's been a real blessing, especially since my little accident on the ice, as I didn't realise at the time, but I've hurt my left arm as much as my left leg. You'd be amazed at how much you use your left arm while mucking out, even when you're right handed.
We are having the most appalling weather. It's been raining non-stop since 4am. I know because I was awake listening to it.
Yesterday turned out to be 'grandchildrens' day' as we managed to see everybody in the afternoon, the Flower Fairy first, who was on fine form, and then the Junior Rovers. I so adore Christian, who came in and said, "You're a donkey!" I said, "Hee-aww, he-aww, he aww-ways says that when he sees me," to which he fell about laughing. You have to be on your toes with that boy, he's very sharp.
I think Jake is catching up in the articulation stakes, though. He started nursery in January. I said, "Do you go to nursery?" He said, "I do," in a very serious voice. The baby just smiled. Who knows what treats lay in store from that rapidly developing mind?

- O -

As you may know, Terry Wogan left the Breakfast Show on Radio 2 just before Christmas, and will be sorely missed. However, I'm pleased to say, Chris Evans is my new best friend. I am thoroughly enjoying his show in the mornings. A couple of weeks ago we saw the film 'Yes Man' with Jim Carrey, in which he plays the role of a man who always said no to everything, and decides to say yes to everything instead, and take the consequences. It's a thought provoking film, actually, and I really enjoyed it.I'm telling you this because Chris Evans is turning into a Yes Man, and I am thrilled. A few weeks ago, they did a feature on, 'Who is called Doris?' and loads of people rang up to say they were named Doris. Then they asked who was the oldest Doris, and found out about a woman who is 95, called Doris, who abseils for charity.
The next day they had her on the programme. I was thrilled to listen to this woman, as she lives in Portsmouth (where I am from) and abseils to raise money for The Rowans Hospice, a hospice for terminally ill cancer patients, where both my mother and grandmother spent their last days, so it's a place that's close to my heart.
Doris said, "My next abseil is on May 29th, Chris, how about coming to join me?" There was a split second pause, then Chris Evans said, "Yes, alright then!" I am astonished and thrilled, and can imagine the headlines in the Portsmouth Evening News. The publicity is bound to increase the donations (I am going to find out how to donate something myself) but there was something so wonderfully generous about it. He has gone up in my estimation considerably.
The other thing is, when Terry Wogan hosted the show, there used to be a 10 minute slot called 'Pause For Thought,' which I thought would go by the board when Terry finished, but they've carried it on under Chris Evans. Very often there will be a vicar, someone from the Salvation Army, or a Rabbi, who will bring something scriptural for the listeners to think about, and it's often very good and thought provoking. I was just pleased this week when a Christian speaker was on and afterwards Chris said, "Yes, that's 100% correct." Thankyou, Chris, and about time, too!

- O -

I must show you this, before I go. This is my card for Nine, who's birthday is in April. This is the card that took three days to make as I just couldn't make up my mind, but I'm very pleased with the end result.

Obviously, it's got his name on it, which I can't show you.

The visit to the grandchildren bore fruit in a quite different direction, too. I have a sudden urge to learn to knit. I come from a long line of knitting women. The Oracle knitted her first jumper aged 8 and wore it to school. Nobody believed she'd actually made it herself. I have always found it mysterious, complicated, and pointless, as it's always seemed like a lot of hard work for something I could just go out and buy.
I have found several tutorials on the internet, that show you how to make a slip knot and cast on. After tying myself up in several knots, mentally and physically, I turned to a book with instructions, cast on in seconds and am knitting away. I have decided Hallington Fox is rather cold and undressed, and needs a scarf, so I shall begin there. He says it's a pity it's in Manchester City's colours, and could he have a bright red waistcoat to go with it? Any takers?

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  1. Enjoyed reading some of your posts. I agree about Chris Evans - although I thought I'd hate him, as I really loved Terry's sense of humour, but I actually find him a better companion on my half-hour walk to work, and I prefer the music. I'm getting a little tired of the Wrong Bongs, though. That could get tedious ...


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