Monday, 15 February 2010

Finally Finished

I came out to feed the horses this morning to a thick mist everywhere. It made me so glad that I'd booked a lesson at the riding school, otherwise it would have been another day just to chuck out and muck out.
So I fed everybody and went indoors for some sustenance of my own, then tacked Max up and set off down the road. I wore my hi-viz jacket, just to be on the safe side. Max can be quite spooky when it's foggy, but he seemed content to amble along behind me, which was lovely.
Rosie was there to meet us, and we walked down the track to the indoor school. There was someone already riding in there, but Max wasn't phased by it.
I got on and warmed him up and it was obvious from the start that he was in a much more relaxed mood compared to last week. We did some excellent work today, with me trying really hard to keep my legs still. I am very fit, but can't seem to stop my lower leg from moving about. I only do it in the school, and only on Max, so it's something to do with my leg length in relation to his tummy size!
I also worked for at least ten minutes without stirrups, which nearly killed me, but it's well worth it. If I can get down to Jolly Farmer's on Wednesday I'll do it again. I was pleased that my balance was good, though, especially as it was all circle work. I've booked us in again for next week.
When I say 'us' I mean Mr O and I. This is because, as you know, I did three days work last week (when I muck out all six horses as Missis is away) and I have two days this week,as Pongo and Missis are taking the children to London for an overnight stay, but Missis is flying straight on to America from there, so I am doing the horses over the weekend, and every day next week. But the most fantastic thing is that Mr O is taking a week off work, as a 'holiday' so he can help me out. I am so pleased, because, to be honest, I'd be absolutely exhausted by the end of it if I had to do it without help, and I'd never get to ride, as I wouldn't have the strength. So this is a massive burden off my shoulders, and I'm really looking forward to Mr O being home.
So next week the riding lesson is for both of us, and we'll hopefully do a bit of jumping. I nearly suggested it today, but was really happy with what we did, it's given me a real boost, and something to aim for.
I was just sitting here, digesting my lunch, when there was a knock on the door, and Pongo was standing there asking if I could come and help with the haylage. Missis' dad had arrived with a trailer load. There were four of us to do it, but Missis was at the back of the trailer, passing them to Pongo, who threw them up onto the hayloft, where Missis' dad picked them up and threw them to me, and I had the task of stacking them. There were 138 bales, and I did them as if it was nothing, so I must be fit, especially as the bit I can't stand is when I have to lift them up above my head and stack them right at the back. Can I just have a sit down now, with a cup of tea, please?
I have done the ironing, whilst watching this wonderful crafting channel I've recently found. I was very inspired by it today. I wish I was good enough to go into business. This is because I did my first decoupage yesterday, which I really enjoyed doing. It's a lot easier than I'd expected. I put three cards together using the aperture cards I bought on Sunday, and some toppers I've had for a while. They were really quick to do, which is why I wish I had more of an outlet for them, and could make even more. I'll show you them when they're finished.
But today, as I had the iron on, I cut the back for this, and used the ironing bonding strips to finish off the back for it. This is the christening present to go with the card I made the other day. It's to hang on the baby's bedroom door handle.

And this is a close up to show you the actual cross stitch part, which I made first.

I so enjoyed making this, and actually have some fabric left over, so I might make another one for my granddaughter. To be honest, I am not a talented stitcher in the least, so I've surprised myself a bit. (Remind me to confess something to you about that another time!)
So it's been a very busy day. I'm looking forward to relaxing later and doing a bit of cross stitch, until I get up and do it all again tomorrow!

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  1. I love it. That is a very thoughtful and useful gift. Good job. Remember though, I thoroughly believe that how you crocheted as a child is irrelevant to how you will crochet today! Go for it! It is so much fun.
    Your blog gave me good memories of when I had horses as a child and would have bale hay. I can still smell it's sweet smell.


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