Friday, 12 February 2010

Pet Names

I was wondering today, why all my pets have more than one name.

This is Purdy, also known as Perdita (it's Greek for 'the lost one').

But she is also known as Purdy Bird, Purdy Kitten, Peebles and PB. We had a little black and white kitten just before her, but she died of gastroenteritis. I was devastated. Lisa was working in a nursing home at the time and rang one day in some distress as a cat had abandoned its kitten on her doorstep and the RSPCA were coming to take it away, unless we gave it a home, and would dad have it? As I was the one who would be feeding it and emptying the litter tray, I felt her concern was floating in the wrong direction, but still, I said yes.
So this is what popped it's tiny head out of the box, and I burst into tears. It was love at first sight.

A few days later, she went into 'failure-to-thrive mode' and began to fade away before my very eyes. I couldn't bear to lose another one so soon. I got hold of her by the scruff of the neck, looked her in the eye and shouted, "You will NOT die!" She looked at me with a startled expression and decided to live, there and then. She was nine at Christmas. She is my stalker. She sits on my shoulder and licks my neck (yuk!) She is a stunted cat, and has always been tiny. But she has a big personality, and has held her own with the three farm cats here.

This is Tigger:

aka 'Tigger Angel', 'Tig-Pog', 'Tiggings'. He comes to any of these names. He is full of gingerness. He was a feral cat, caught in a net in a field at Gringley-on-the-Hill. We got him at 14 weeks old, as a birthday present for Abby. On his first night in our house, he leapt out of his cardboard box and ran into the corner, under the coffee table. It was pure instinct, but I picked him up, and put him on my lap. He ran back to his safe place under the coffee table. I picked him up. He ran off. I picked him up, laid down on the sofa, and he crawled up to me and laid down with his back under my chin and went to sleep. He stayed there all night, and has been 'my cat' ever since. He is frightened of everybody else, except Mr O. He comes into the stables each morning and says, "Hello!" in a loud, clear voice. He is nine, too.

And finally, as you know, this is Tessa:

I bought her for me. When she was six months old, she woke up one morning and decided she loved Daddy best, and has never wavered. Her faithfulness is an example to us all.
One day Mr O coined the title 'Tessington Bear' for her, and it stuck. (We live quite near a place called The Tissington Trail now, and are much amused.)
She is now mostly known as Bear, or Mrs Brown, and also comes when you call her, using any of these names. In the old days, we used to do Agility and Flyball, but she prefers the quiet life now. She is very good friends with Tigger and Purdy and is far too well mannered to chase the chickens. She is also nine. It must have been a year for obtaining pets.

Do your animals have multiple aliases?


  1. ah, i loved that post! that beautiful little Purdy is precious! so glad she made it. that is neat that tigger stayed with you on the third have a gift that is for sure. your doggie is beautiful as's dogs and cats never bothered their chickens either.

  2. Awww, so glad you posted about your other critters. The story of your Purdy is heartwarming. Ours most definitely have multiple names, too many to list in the comments! But, I will have to do a similar post soon, cause I really loved this one!

  3. Yes, the multiple name thing is pretty funny! Oddly, my horse doesn't have multiple names, except for his blog name (My Boy) and real name (Riley) Oh and sometimes I call him Stinkerbutt, LOL! :) My parents have a dog that they call Rosie, Rosebud, Po-Po, Po, or Nudder (or maybe I call her that one!) Their cat Lily is Lily-bug, Buggins, Bugga-boo...and so on.

  4. Well, our animals have different name 'problems' - the female dog has a male name (Raja) and the male cat has a female name (Chanel). In our defence, we adopted both of them from French friends, who were actually responsible for the naming. Most French people don't have the Indian connections to know that a Raja is a male ruler, and we just think that our neighbours saw Chanel's stylish black and white and named him before finding out his gender!

    Thanks for your lovely post about your animals. I suppose we do have other names for the animals too - the cat is 'monster' or 'the beast' and the dog is 'the hairy hound' or 'super-doggie'. But these are more labels than real names!

  5. I appreciate how your share your Christianity so openly!

    Could not help but notice that you also enjoy cross stitching. Perhaps you would like to visit my website where most of the designs feature Bible verses.

    There is a free design called, "His name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

    We have Christian Rodeo groups here in Missouri - a nice way to combine a love for horses with the Lord!

    Thank you for sharing your blog!


  6. We too have mulitple names for our pets.
    Max the cat is Maxwell or Max Faxtor, Maxie of course or even just plain 'Cat'.
    The dog is Zola, named because both her and Gordon love cheese and so she became Gor-gon-zola - ha ha. She is also known as Zo Zo, Zolie and 'Dog'.
    The horses have extensive names, Jasmine's main nick name is Mindy or Mindy Moo. Closely followed by Jasminda, which one of the girls thought was a curry, so she then got given the name Ruby Murry and consequently from there on Ruby. She has also be know as Cow Bag. She frequently adopts you Good Idea and comes in covered from head to toe in dripping mud, I'm sure her philosopy is if she gets digusting enough I will not ride her, but Maria our groom always has other ideas and just hoses her with the rug on!
    Liam is Li-Li, or Weeam - Gordon calles him Nelson as he only has one eye.
    Bramble is Little Brambly Hedge and the girls call her 'Bambi', the sweetest little New Forest ever.

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  8. Hello just popped in from 20 Minuters...
    lovely post about your pets..
    My little sea dog was poisoned last May, I still think of him every day...
    We have a mad 1 year old dog, who spends alot of his time in the same position as you dog...on his back
    Take care

  9. Awww....all your sweet furbabies are PRECIOUS! I have a cat like your Purdy, her name is Kitty. She is also a small cat and LOVES to sit on my shoulder while I was dishes, cook, whatever. She is my baby!


  10. Haha!! Love the multiple names thing, it's easily done.
    Shared Risk is called the following (dependent upon his behaviour!); Shared Risk, Risk, Mr Risk (My favourite, that one) Risky, Risk it for a Biscuit...and **** **** (I'm too polite to write that down, suffice to say it's reserved for those occasions when I end up on the floor).


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