Thursday, 11 March 2010

Barking Mad

There has been a big discussion on the radio regarding the government's proposal to introduce compulsory insurance for dog owners. It's supposed to stop thugs that use dangerous dogs to deliberately attack people. The trouble is, even if you can claim on their insurance, it's too late if you're injured, isn't it? Money isn't going to blot out the trauma you've suffered. What if you're a pensioner? How on earth are you supposed to afford it? Can you have a 'no claims bonus' if your dog hasnt bitten anyone within three years? (Tessa says a 'no claims Bonio'would be nice). With any luck the tories will scrap it.
And my 'bone' of contention again this year (if you'll pardon the pun) is that the BBC has refused to show Crufts for the past two years. It's the biggest dog show in the world. A big case of 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' as my mother would say. A couple of years ago Panorama made a programme about the inbreeding of dogs, and some of it was pretty awful, it has to be said. As a result they had a serious fall-out with the Kennel Club and have refused to show Crufts since then. Crufts is the highlight of my television year (that and the tennis) and I'm sure it is for many other people, too, and I think the BBC are absolute fools for axing it. I was fortunate enough to be able to go last year, for the first time in 20 years, and had a fantastic time, even though I got lost, as the NEC is vast. Missis' mum breeds pomeranians and wanted someone to go with her to help out, so I volunteered. I thought I'd missed it this year, but found out through Busy Bee, that it's on this week. I was thrilled when Mr O turned on the TV tonight and found it on More 4. Clare Balding and Peter Purves are commentating, too, so a total mutiny, then. That's me happy for the next few days, though. Silly old BBC.

- O -

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. I was mucking out and Missis came up and said I'd had a delivery. There by the front door was a box with 'Interflora' on it. I downed tools immediately and rushed in to find out what it was. I eventually managed to open it, and this is what was inside:

It's a lovely basket, with a miniature rose in it, a bottle of white wine, and a box of chocolates. How wonderful. I am blessed to have a lovely, thoughtful husband. I think he was a bit put out that I raved most about the basket. It'll be handy for my knitting, though, won't it? I should think myself lucky. Mr O's boss is taking his wife away for the weekend this Friday - by coach - to Birmingham. They are having a day trip out and the coach company will pack them up a flask and sandwiches. He knows how to treat a girl, doesn't he?
Mr O really liked the card I made him, by the way, and didn't realise the bear was a stamp that I'd painted, as it looked so good. Deeply satisfying. I also got a card from my penfriend in Switzerland, Trudi, which was a lovely surprise. Mr O had I have been married for 15 years, and every year is better than the last. One day I'll tell you all about it.
- O -

I had my riding lesson yesterday, and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant. I wasn't half as nervous as last week. Max was totally grumpy when I tacked him up, though, as I'd turned all his mates out and kept him in, so when he got the chance he barged out of the stable. Unfortunately for him, he was still tied up and nearly garotted himself. I just calmly shut the door and carried on grooming him. I was worried he'd be naughty in the school, but was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed he was. Rosie put the fences up and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We need to work on our style, but for Max, it was business as usual. He knows his job so well, he is a wonderful confidence giver. The thrill of jumping really came back to me. I am so glad I explained to Rosie how nervous I actually was, and asked her to take me right back to the beginning again, so I could come away from each lesson thinking, 'Gosh that was easy, I can't wait to do it again.'
- O -
I have been blitzing the house as I have invited Lucy Goosie for a coffee tomorrow. I am learning country lore. You do not get a second invite until you have returned the original invitation, which is only fair really. I couldn't help noticing that Lucy Goosie's house was spotless. It was not only clean, but everything looked brand new, as if she'd bought it all only yesterday, so I have been cleaning everything that doesn't move. I've done first stage cleaning (washing up, hoovering) then got to second stage (cleaning round the toilet - one simply never knows!) and now I am obsessively wiping my kitchen cupboards down, in case she wants to inspect them. I have even cleaned the windows. I would bath Tessa, but I think she may object. I got up at 6.40am (I mean, me!) and stripped the bed. It had better be worth it. She'll be there, full of life and energy and I'll be an absolute dish rag by then. All this for a cup of tea and a bun. Next time, we'll go to the pub.


  1. I never thought that living in the countryside could be fun but after reading your blog I think I might just give it a try ;) Thanks for posting!

  2. I can relate to you totally. Wait until you brood your own chicks!


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