Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Busy Bee

It's been quite a busy couple of days. Missis was away again yesterday. Goodness knows what havoc this is causing to her system. It was also really warm. I was mucking out in a T shirt by 10am.
I have spent quite a bit of time putting the finishing touches to my cross stitch cards, so they're actually completed. I thought I'd risk showing you (don't want the recipients to see them, really!) I have decided to try to sell all my spare cards, but I'm not really sure how to go about it yet. I can't imagine people buying cards from ebay, so I'll have to investiage. After hearing about the whole India situation on Sunday, I thought I might put the proceeds into a collection for that.
(But I may keep this one as it's so cute.)

The water went off again on Monday night, so I didn't have any for the horses yesterday. I decided to walk down to the pump to see if there was anything I could do, so took Tessa and set off down the lane. The pump is set in a big hole in the ground, and was whirring away, which it shouldn't be doing. Pongo thinks there may be air trapped in it. In the end there was nothing I could do, and had to wait for Pongo to come home and fix it.

I had Seven and Nine after school. They saw the two dishes on my table from their great aunt that passed away a few weeks ago. We got onto talking about grandparents. I told them I'd had wonderful grandparents. I asked them if they'd seen Pinocchio, and they said yes. I said, "My grandfather looked like Jiminy Cricket." They were silent for a while, then Seven piped up, "Was he green?" I was speechless.

Pongo came home but went straight to the pump, and before long we had water coming out of the tap. I rang him to say it was working, but there was a knock on the door, so I assumed he was back and cut the phone off. I opened the door, and there, to my surprise, stood Pilot, from over the road. He said, "I've got a lorry stuck on my field, would Pongo be able to bring his tractor across and tow it off?"
"Certainly," I said.
Pongo was trying to drive back up the lane, but couldn't because not one, but two, JCB's had broken down on the road. "Could you give us a tow with your tractor?" they said. I love the countryside. Anything could happen here, and often does.

An extraordinary thing has happened today. A girl called Heather McGrath sent me a friend request on facebook. I am friends with her mum Caroline from our old church in Worksop. I willingly accepted her request, and sent her a message asking about the horse she was riding in her profile picture, and she emailed me back to say there is a video clip of Max being ridden by his previous owner on Youtube. I looked at the link, and sure enough, it's my darling boy in a lesson at Wallingwells. He is so lovely on it, I shed a tear or two. Have a look here if you like:

Anyway, just to show you I have been busy, here are a few of my latest card makes. I am still knitting. It occurs to me that I'd better learn to cast off, otherwise Hallington Fox is going to have a very long scarf indeed.

(This is for daughter 1)

(And I've got to confess, I'm extremely pleased with this. Our anniversary is on March 10th. I love the stamp, and was thrilled to have the perfect water colour paints to paint it with, and love the sharpness of the stamp quality. I was also thrilled that the ink I used for the wording matched the backing card perfectly.
Hope he likes it!)


  1. hello,thank you for the lovely comment on my blog,you have been enterd into my GIVEAWAY...your blog is lovely,when i was younger we kept Shire Horses with dads homemade was a fantastic time ,good memories. hugs jackanne xx

  2. haha. Was he green. That made me laugh. March 10 is my anniversary too! 26 good years and 3 sweet kids.


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