Monday, 29 March 2010

Never A Dull Moment

As you know, Max was a bit naughty last Sunday and threw me onto the fence instead of jumping it with style (I don't know if I fell with style, the photographer deleted the pictures!)
Then last Tuesday, knowing I had my lesson on Wednesday, I decided to take Max for a hack. He was what we call 'on his toes' all the way round. It's a euphemism for 'complete lunatic'. He just kept spooking all the time, but not at the things I was expecting him to spook at, which adds a little spice to the ride, as you can imagine.
We carried on down the lane, and met two men, one on the road, and one the other side of the dry stone wall in the field (repairing the wall actually). Max could see both men clearly. As we got closer the man on the road said, "That's a nice cob," and I said, "Yes he is, but he's very spooky." Then the man in the field stood up and Max whipped round so fast I don't know how I managed to stay on. I said, "Do you see what I mean?" and the man looked quite concerned. He said, "I wouldn't take him onto the main road if he's like that," and I wanted to say, "Oh he won't do anything up there," but decided to leave it, as the man had a point.
On Saturday we were supposed to take Zak and Barnaby to Osberton for a bit of a blast, but also to see how they'd get on together, as they've only ever hacked out once or twice, and we know both of them like to be in front, so it would have been very interesting, but... Mr O groomed Zak, then picked his feet up and found he'd lost a shoe again on the front. That meant we couldn't take him, so I suggested taking Barnaby and Max and Mr O said no, very firmly, very firmly indeed.
So my whole day was in a bit of a turmoil really, as I am going to have to tell you the next thing. Having given a great deal of thought and consideration to this issue, I then turned to prayer, as I am sick of dithering. And as soon as I prayed I got my answer. I begged God to tell me whether it was the right thing to sell Max or not. And the Lord said he was surprised I've waited this long. So on Thursday last week I drew up an advert, with a couple of very nice pictures and all Max's details, and on Friday Mr O took one to Parklands, a tack shop near where he works. On Saturday we took one to Stablemates, but after that I started crying and when we got to Thomas Irving I couldn't go in, so I gave Mr O the advert and asked him to do it.
You may remember a couple of weeks ago I had my wisdom tooth out. This is very similar. I know it's going to be agony, but I know I've got to do it for my own good.
When we came back we decided to ride Max and Barnaby after all, but just locally. I picked a route we've never done before, and we set off. Max was very spooky all the way round. Mr O just rides along, very often oblivious to the struggle I am having behind him. Then on the way home, Max suddenly put in a huge buck and went carting up the road. I shouted to Mr O to block me, and fortunately he had the wit to turn Barnaby to the right and block the road, and Max crashed into him and stopped. I have to tell you I was pretty angry, and I'm afraid that's the last straw. I am sick of putting up with his antics, and making excuses for his behaviour ("Well it was windy!") In the end I was so cross I got off and gave Mr O the reins and told him to take him home as I didn't care if I never saw him again! (Bit of a paddy from Jane, there, then!)
The thing is, riding is the greatest pleasure of my entire life and if I go on riding Max pretty soon I am never going to want to ride again. I can't let him do that to me.
So by the time I'd stumped off up the steepest hill in Christendom in order to get home, I was exceedingly glad that I'd put the adverts up, so we'll see what happens.
At the bottom of this is the fact that Mr O says I can have Barnaby. I have to tell you that if the boot was on the other foot, I would not be offering a stunning horse like Barnaby to him! So I decided to take Bard to my lesson today instead of Max. The lesson went very well, but Barnaby isn't half as supple as Max and will need some work before I jump him, but I don't really need lessons to do that, so I think next week will be my last lesson.
But the best bit was that I rode to the school, and rode all the way home, and it was bliss. When I take Max I lead him down to the school, but Barnaby fills me with so much confidence. I don't know if it's because I know he won't spook, or because he's never bolted in his life, or what, but I sailed home. I managed not to slaughter any eengleesh, but still had a big grin on my face. I wish Jean d'Arc had been on our side. Slaughtering the french would be much more satisfying.

I have been very busy on the card making front, after a slow start where I've been a bit disorganised on the Easter card situation. I've picked up my favourite magazines, Papercraft Inspirations and Cardmaking and was totally inspired. I've realised part of the problem is that I love the various papers so much I don't want to make them into cards, give them away, and never see them again. (Note to self: Must work on generosity, see note re: Barnaby, above!) Once I started I was like a little factory, glueing and sticking with a passion. I just love creating something.

I didn't make this one, but I have to show you, as it's for Missis' birthday, and I couldn't resist it. This is so like her horse Polo:

I am missing baking, which, as you know, I have given up for Lent. I thought I baked out of necessity, but it turns out I really love to do it, and can't wait to get my mixing bowl out again and whip something up. Are any of you making anything special for Easter?


  1. hello, i have been reading your horsey adventures with interest! so sorry about your max. we just passed up buying a beautiful horse because of some unsettling behavior. we don't have the experience to work her through it.

  2. Hi!

    Sorry to hear about Max - not an easy thing to do... Wanted to say that I love the easter cards, a very personal idea.



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