Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Christmas Is Coming...

... and so I feel obliged to make Christmas cards. I thought I'd show you a few today. It's taken me a while to feel motivated, but I'm getting there. I bought a couple of magazines yesterday which have quite inspired me. (Ever bought 'Quick Cards' magazine?)

I really enjoyed making this, it was so easy and looks very effective. The little chipboards were freebies, and I have a couple more, so I'll probably make another one of these.
I am finding the most wonderful (and useful) free backing papers on the Cardmaking and Papercraft website. I'll probably use them all.
One of several fairy cards I've made. I love the look of the embossed silver card, it wasn't specifically for Christmas, but works really well. This idea has inspired me for Daughter 2's birthday in October. Glitter abounds. If you can't use glitter at Christmas, when can you?

I think this snowman is so cute, I'll be using him in all sorts of ways this year. The beauty of Promarkers is that you can colour your stamped images to match the backing papers, which works really well.

I must add, though, that penguins, polar bears and snowmen are really NOT my idea of Christmas. Christmas is a time to celebrate the fact that the Son of God came to earth, not whether some silly polar bear can ski. Grrr! I've even seen a 'Christmas Giraffe' stamp! The mind boggles. But until I can find the kind of images I really want to use, polar bears and penguins will have to suffice. I've entered a competition to see if I can win some Christian stamps but I'm sure thousands of others will have done as well. Never mind. I'm sure I'll find something soon. Of course, if you know of any specifically Christian suppliers, I'd love to hear from you.

Thankyou, too, for your good wishes. I am much better than yesterday, though far from well enough to ride. I hope I am by tomorrow, though, as I need to practise the dressage one more time before Friday.

Blessings everyone

Mrs O.


  1. Sweet cards - but I know what you mean about Christmas images. I can recommend A Time To Sow as suppliers of religious images. I've used them for my mother-in-laws church group who make Easter cards. They have a good selection of religious peel offs and I think they do stamps as well. Not sure about their Christmas products - have only used them at Easter - but worth a look. M x

  2. Cute cards. Some people prefer the polar bears and snowmen to more religious scenes, so it's nice to have some variety.

  3. Jane, try a Time to Sow;
    They do Christian stamps xx

  4. I can vouch for Time to Sow, really good stamps there.

    Then there are these stamps at

    I know of some others so I'll email you with the details :o)


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