Monday, 27 September 2010

Woe Is Me (and Tessa Too!)

It's official then, I have the dreaded lurgy. It was only a matter of time, really, as Seven had it last week, then Missis caught it and now I have it. So far, Mr O has not succumbed, for which I am grateful, as today was the day of 'Er Indoors having her op.
Last night she woke me up with her continual whining. It was three o'clock. In the end I got up and went downstairs, desperate for a Strepsil, and her desperate for a call of nature. I stood there, in me nightie, hopping from one bare foot to the other, while she nipped out in the wind and the rain... for ten minutes. I'm not kidding. I kept calling her in whispers that gradually got more and more hoarse, as I couldn't shout and risk waking Mr O up. She came back in when she felt ready, soaking wet and with her tail at a jaunty angle. I am feeling a little hoarse this morning as a result.
Of course, we've woken up really early and moved about at Mr O speed in order to get to the vets, so we could be really early and sit in the car park for twenty minutes. No, I don't understand it either. We were seen quite quickly though, and to my shock they said Tessa would have a general anaesthetic and that we could go away and come back at 2pm to pick her up. Oh dear. I never expected to leave her, and she certainly didn't expect to be parted from us, poor girl. She was scrabbling along the floor as they firmly shut the door on us.
So we went to Tesco and consoled ourselves with a hearty Full English. There was a sign on the door saying, 'Loose Peppers.' Really, I don't think the morals of their vegetables are any concern of mine.
I love the sign in the loos. It states that because they're being environmentally friendly you don't have to touch the taps to obtain your ration of hand washing water. It doesn't point out that they're open twenty-four hours a day and that their underground carpark is lit up like a Christmas tree. Funny, that.
I am so glad Mr O has been at home today, though, as I've come home and slept intermittently, followed by a bout of coughing and dramatic swallowing, which hurts like nothing on earth, followed by more sleeping. I feel like I need jelly and icecream to keep me going, no scratchy foods whatsoever. It has been thick with fog outside all day, (matching the fog in my head) which doesn't really matter, as I couldn't ride today if you paid me.
We drove back to the vets at 2pm. I'm not sure who was the more pleased to see whom, as Tessa went hysterical when she saw us and flung herself into Mr O's arms. I'm not sure what knocked him back the most, Tessa's effusive greeting, or the size of the bill. She soon fell asleep in the car, though. She is coughing because she's been tubed and has an enormous shaved patch on her back where the cyst was, and quite a big slice (considering how small the cyst was) and some huge stitches, which she is not to touch under any circumstances. She is allowed some fish or chicken with rice for dinner, which funnily enough, is exactly what I'll be having...
Tomorrow will be a day of cuddling up on the sofa together, with a hot water bottle and a blanket. (Me and Tessa, I mean, obviously, Mr O will be back at work). There's nothing like the warmth of a dog to cuddle up to when you're feeling poorly - even if she does snore more loudly than I do.
Hope everyone else is okay and not coming down with these rude and inconsiderate germs.
Mrs O.
p.s. I have seen the photos of Barnaby from yesterday's ride, and he is looking a little porky if you ask me! 'Summering well,' is an understatement. Maybe standing side by side with The Galloping Gourmet wasn't such a good idea.


  1. Hope you are feeling better and I hope Tessa is better too. At least the two of you can snuggle together and commiserate. Just take care of yourself.

  2. And I thought men were bad!!!!! Lol!


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