Friday, 17 September 2010

You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine

I am pleased to say, I had a thoroughly good time at Pongo's mum's place. She is an incredible artist, who paints beautiful flowers with watercolours and makes them into cards. She showed me how to paint with watercolours, and I actually felt like I'd be able to do it. Before I knew it she handed me the brush and away I went! She's leant me a really good book, too, so who knows where that will lead? There are some stamped images that look best painted with water colours, so it's definitely worth practising.
I was very nervous about showing her my cards, but she really liked them. They are completely different to hers, of course. I realised I didn't have any decoupage to show her, or any specific techniques, hardly any embossed cards or anything of that nature.
On Thursday I asked Mr O to take my cards into work to see if he could sell any. There are five women in the office, and between them they bought eighteen cards. I am astonished. I've also got two commissions for more cards and they've requested Christmas cards. I can't believe it. I wasn't going to make any Christmas cards to sell, as I will have plenty to do with family and friends as it is, but there we are. I am thrilled, though, who'd have thought it?
Last night, Pongo said his secretary is getting married, and he'd ask her if she'd like me to do her invitations. I am already doing my niece's for May next year, so I am going to be busy, aren't I? I can't believe it's taking off like this.

On the Barnaby front: It has been seriously windy here this week, and I've been very nervous about riding Barnaby out, especially as Missis worries about riding her new horse. I mustn't let it affect me. I know Barnaby isn't bothered by windy weather, so on Wednesday I plucked up the courage to ride him. My only concern is that I might not be able to hear traffic coming up behind me, but it wasn't a problem. Barnaby couldn't have cared less about the wind, he's no more flighty than he is on any other day (to give him his due, Max was never bothered either). I am glad because the next day Missis and I rode out together and I knew I could relax and concentrate on giving her encouragement, knowing I could trust Barnaby not to do anything silly.
Pongo rode out with Mr O last night. I've no idea what they did but when they got back Pongo was pouring with sweat. Poor man. Mr O will soon have him trained.
I rode Barnaby in the school today, to work on the dressage test coming up on October 1st. I just warmed up and rode him as usual, but for the first time ever he actually went on the bit. It was the most stunning sensation, floating on a total power house war horse. For those of you who find horse riding a bit mysterious, it means the horse puts his head down because he is using his back end properly to propel himself along. It was a fabulous feeling. You can tell I'm an amateur rider because normally when this happens I grin like an absolute buffoon instead of concentrating on containing the energy the horse is creating. He was beautifully straight, too, so I hope he can pull this out of the hat on the day.
Oh, and finally, some wonderful news. It appears I am going to be a granny again next May/June sometime, as Daughter 2 is pregnant. This will be a brother or sister for The Flower Fairy. How exciting.
Have a good weekend, everyone.
Mrs O.

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  1. Love that feeling when the horse really works on the bit. Quite different from "just riding."

    Seems Mr. O is having some interesting "conversations" with Pongo. And I suspect Mr. O is doing most of the talking. *S*


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