Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ashover Show

We are very fortunate that we have a big village show here every August.  This year they were celebrating 80 years of the event.  Although I had withdrawn Barnaby I decided to go down anyway, just to have a mosey round (okay, I went to eye up the opposition a bit, too!) I got there in time to see the TARRA ex-racehorse class.  There were only four in it.  Perhaps I should have taken Zak instead of Barnaby?!  The cobs were all stunning, and all of them looked a lot bigger than Barnaby. Maybe it's because I was on the ground. There is a height limit for showing cobs of 15.3hh, but some of these looked at least 16hh. No photos I'm afraid as I decided to video it instead to show Mr O when I got home. He couldn't get the day off work, unfortunately (hold that thought!)

But if it's horses you're after, you can't go wrong with these guys:

(or girls, obviously, as they are clearly mare and foal!)

There is usually a good turn-out of shires here, but it was lovely to see them with their babies.

Have a close look at the curly coat on this foal.

Of course, not all horses are huge, look:

This little colt came fourth in the youngstock class. 
 He let me get down and give him a cuddle, which was so sweet.
And then I saw these guys, who were significantly bigger than the colt:

Deer hounds, apparently, and very friendly (but I did have a cake in my bag by then!)

Of course, there is the possibility that you're not interested in the animal side of things,
but there is another side to Ashover Show, that mostly revolves around food.  Let me explain:

Five eggs on a plate, either five the same, or five completely different.
Not got chickens?  What about this, then?

I may have a crack at the lemon curd next year, so watch this space!

And every type of vegetable known to man.
Something for Mr O to aim for, for next year?

There was also a fabulous craft tent but I didn't dare take any photos!
And then the rain came down and I decided to wend my way home,
walking up the steepest of hills
with only blackberries to sustain me.
I did see these chaps, though:
A taste of rural England, at it's very best.
Even though it decided to pour with rain in the afternoon.
(and I got home to find Mr O poorly and asleep on the sofa!)


  1. Thanks for that, enjoyed the post, could have been more horse though!!Lol. Anyway, Mr O must have enjoyed the time?

  2. Lovely fair and some lovely horses. Too bad about the rain. But I doubt it dampened the overall spirit.

    Hope Mr. O feels better soon.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun even if you were without Barnaby and Mr O. The shires are beautiful and like all foals their foals are very sweet, good photo of the little colt he looks very pleased with himself. Nice looking dogs, we used to have two Irish Wolfhounds they look sort of like Deerhounds, but they are taller and more compact, Deerhounds are less compact and not quite as big. Nice bird of prey, my brother sometimes goes out with a friend and they fly his bird of prey. I hope Mr O is well soon and that Barnaby is healing up well.

  4. Hi Jane, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to the fair, those horses are gorgeous and I love those coats.
    I bet you wished there were some free samples but what the heck they arnt going to give you those are they.
    I do hope that Barnaby is on the mend, and im sure hubby enjoyed his snooze on the settee. hugs Shirleyx

  5. Hi there . . . first time I've come across your blog, but I'll definitely be back!

    Interesting pictures.

    Hugs, Sandra


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