Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook - August

Outside my window: It's starting to get dark and it's only 7.45pm.  Boo hoo!

I am thinking: I wish I hadn't told Mr O I would reduce my crafting budget.  It's nearly killing me to spend such a small amount on craft stuff each month.  Oh well, everything comes to him (or her) who waits...

I am thankful for:  the fact that Barnaby is well and fully recovered from his injury.  In fact, judging from his energy levels today, I'd say somebody's feeding him when my back is turned!

From the learning rooms: practising with a distressing tool to see how to get the effect on card.  It's lovely, and really easy to use.

I am wearing: my lovely grey cardigan.  It is so cosy and bobbley and comforting.  I wear it indoors all the time.  It is my noo noo.

I am reading: 'Love In A Cold Climate' by Nancy Mitford.  I have waited all my life to read these books as they obviously went out of fashion for many years.  If you want to know a bit more about this extraordinary woman, read this.  I am only half way through but am thoroughly enjoying it.  It's very witty, things like this:
'...Lady Montdore loved anybody royal.  It was a genuine emotion, quite disinterested, since she loved them as much in exile as in power, and the act of curtsying was the consummation of this love.  Her curtsies, owing to the solid quality of her frame, did not recall the graceful movement of wheat before the wind.  She scrambled down like a camel, rising again backside foremost like a cow, a strange performance, painful it might be supposed to the performer, the expression on whose face, however, belied this thought.  Her knees cracked like revolver shots but her smile was heavenly...'    I'm afraid I found myself cackling at the thought!

I am hoping/praying: for poor Mr O who is still ill.  He gets the results of his blood tests this coming Wednesday.  Something is obviously wrong, and we need to get to the bottom of it.

On my mind: Our cockerel George has sadly died.  He was quite ill last week, then I found him on Monday morning.  Poor boy.  I don't know what was wrong with him.  I don't think it's red mite as all the other chickens are fine.  I really miss him.  How silly, to be attached to a bird like that.

I am creating: cards, of course!  Commissions are like buses - you don't see any for ages, and then suddenly you get three at once.  A wedding card for Priscilla to send to Hong Kong, and a card for a friend's sister and her son.  Plus my own son next week, so I'm not idle!

I am hearing: Stephen Fry narrating a wildlife documentary.

From the kitchen:  I made a strawberry cheesecake yesterday.  It was low-fat (a Slimming World recipe) and absolutely delicious.  I used leaf gelatine for the first time in my life - fascinating stuff. 

Noticing that: the creative side of me is becoming quite dominant.  I am having 4-5 hours sleep a night as I lay there with card making ideas running through my head.  I am seeing 'design' everywhere, especially in one particular cinema advert.  I don't know how else to describe it.  I see things in terms of pattern and colour and whether things go together or not.  This is a completely new experience for me.  It's a bit mad but I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

Around the house: I am bracing myself for removing every single book from the book case, dusting them and putting them all back again.  Thank goodness for libraries.

One of my favourite things:

I don't use a diary, I use a journal, and everything is written in it, from my inspirations to shopping lists. I was thrilled to find this  Cath Kidston version in Waterstones, and even more thrilled that Mr O was willing to buy it for me!
This is one of the inside pages, but some are different:

How can I fail to be inspired, writing in a book like that?!
A scripture thought: 
 'If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm;
 though he stumble, he will not fall,
for the Lord upholds him with his hand.' 
Psalm 37: 23-24

A few plans for the rest of the week:  A pleasure ride round Bonsall Moor tomorrow.  It's just over 10 miles which will be a doddle for the boys at the moment.  I just hope Zak travels well. 

A picture thought:  I walk round the corner, and this is the view that greets me:

Even on a misty day, it never fails to take my breath away.


  1. Sorry to hear about your chicken. I am glad Barnaby is back to his healthy and sound self. I hope Mr O will be well soon. Strawberry cheesecake sounds good! Hope you have a nice ride and that Zak is ok. I take it that view would be Derbyshire and what a nice view it is.

  2. Wishing Mr. O a speedy recovery. Hopefully the tests will find something easily cured and he will be on the road to recovery in an instant.

    Sorry about George. Every life is precious and you were not at all silly for loving him.


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