Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Week So Far

So it's like this:
Monday: Woken up at 6.45am by Mr O's alarm going off.  He'd left at 5am and forgotten to switch it off.
Tuesday: Woken up at 6.50am by the geese honking.  I leap up in panic in case a fox is trying to get into them.  It turns out Mr O went to collect some eggs and decided to let them out for the first time ever.
Wednesday: I am woken up at 6.55am by Tigger, who says, "Hello!" in a very loud voice.  I look around, startled, as I assume he is trying to get in at the open window.  This would be a first.  It turns out he came in the house as Mr O was leaving for work and wouldn't budge.  Mr O was running late and didn't have time to argue, so he left him there.  I quote that it 'never occured to him that he would try to go upstairs.'  We live in an open-plan house.
So if you'll excuse me, I'm off back to bed. (And yes, at 6.55am this morning, I was woken up by the rain drumming on the window).  Grrr
Mrs O.


  1. Mmmm? Rain, when will it ever find the time to stop!

  2. Yes sounds like going back to bed is a good idea, we’ve had heavy rain here today as well. I have left a comment on your older post I have only just had time to read it.

  3. So you don't want to get up in the morning, eh? *G* Love it when my kitties wake me up early, determined that I get up when they want me to instead of when I want to.

    Glad you found time to nap to make up for lost sleep.

  4. Oh dear Jane know that feeling, the pup wakes us up early some mornings and of course expects to play but we tell her shes to go back to bed till 7am as 6am is just a bit early, luckily she does settle down again, by which time your wide awake and really dont want to go back to sleep. hugs Shirleyxxx


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