Saturday, 24 July 2010

Seize The Day

I am grateful for the small things,
like hubby being home, thank goodness.
I honestly don't know how other women (like The Oracle) cope
when their husbands go away on a regular basis.
Mr O won't be going away again for a very long time.
I am grateful for life and love, and family and everything around me.
And I would say, make the most of every moment.
Who knows what's round the corner?
Carpe Deum.


  1. Lovely photos! Your horses are gorgeous :-)

    Love your previous post about your ride with your friend.....I can just picture it!

    Well done :-)

  2. Visiting you to see what's up. Hope to drop by again. Barnaby looks like a great fellow.

    No comment on the hubby as I don't have one. Makes it hard sometimes to do things alone, but somehow I cope.

  3. Hello there. I am Val's pal.xx I did not it was possible to craft and pony at same time...hmmm
    I used to have posters of Nijinsky on my bedroom wall..the racehorse, not the balletdancer..and your horse is one of his offspring, how good is that?
    My riding mare, Irish cob prefers walk and stop to fast work so excellent for beginners to amble on. Sheltie the shetland, has just recently walked around the local streets for half an hour without stressing at traffic (well only once and he is just four and only starting serious road work. I loved reading your blog, and will keep my eye on it xx God Bless xx Kay


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