Sunday, 11 July 2010

Triumph and Disaster

I let the ducks and chickens out this morning and decided to let Penny out as well. There was something next to her, as if it was an extension of her, but when I looked more closely, it was a chick, and it was motionless. I picked it up and it was cold, so I decided to take it indoors and see if I could revive the poor little thing. I spent about half an hour trying to warm it and get it to drink, but in the end it decided it wasn't worth it and gave up. I am so sad for it, and sad for Penny, too. She's not having much luck, is she?
The other bit of bad news is that our lorry failed its MOT. I am not impressed. What was the point of having it inspected first? Mr O has taken it all the way to Mansfield, where he should have taken it in the first place, and goodness knows how long it's going to be there. Because he didn't have the car, he's ended up walking most of the way home, along the bypass, until he finally managed to hail a taxi. I can't help feeling that praying together more might help us avoid these total lapses of wisdom. There's nothing to lose, is there?
The good news is that we've decided now we won't be paying out vast sums of money for Zak's medication, we can afford a little holiday, so I have been in touch with the owners of Field Farm to see if we can get our holiday reinstated. They are more than happy to have us along, so I have sent off a deposit. We'll be going in the second week of August. I am so looking forward to it. They have a cross country course, and we can ride from the farm straight to the beach. 'Er Indoors is coming too.
I have finally succumbed and moved a lot of my crafting stuff from my (tiny) desk to the kitchen table. It is bliss to have everything I need spread out in front of me and not to have to keep searching through drawers to find everything. I thought Mr O would be annoyed, but actually he's more than happy about it. I am determined for it not to take up residence there permanently, (yeah, right!) but it's great for the time being.
One of my challenges this month is to make a card for my granddaughter, The Flower Fairy. She will be three. My brief was (from the girl herself) that it has to be pink and have Peppa Pig on it, so this is what I've come up with:

Hope she likes it.
The other issue is that I've been exploring the idea of some sort of logo for my cards. I came up with a 'Muddy Puddles' design, but I've decided to use this for the time being:

'Squigglypigs' is part of my email address. I needed something urgently when I set up facebook last year, and the word 'squigglypigs' popped into my head. I've become rather fond of it since then, so I'm sticking with that for now. I know nothing about the legality of these things, so I'd better investigate.
And finally, I'd better 'Fess up' (I'm having a love/hate relationship with that phrase at the moment) and tell you that I had a teeny tiny accident on the quad. I was trying to turn it, when I put my hand on the break but didn't realise my thumb was still on the throttle when the quad shot across the ditch and I managed to stop it just as it touched the electric fence. My leg got stuck under the gear stick and pushed it up to second gear, which is why it went so fast. It gave me quite a fright, I can tell you. Note to self: Do not drive the quad when you're tired!


  1. Love the Squiggly Pigs logo and the pig picture. I don't have a picture in my logo but I do put a fish symbol above my details.

    Margaret xx

  2. Hi there! Visiting you is just like visiting with my friend Kay, you are both like a breath of fresh air with your enthusiasm for your horses and livestock. I'm glad I found your blog from the 20 Minuters blog roll. If you have the time I am sure you would enjoy a peek at my friends blog she is at
    Her name is Kay and she lives quite close to Derbyshire.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures. :0)

  3. I love Squigglypigs!
    So sad about the chick =O(
    Rowan is tiddly- honestly my dog Cairo is bigger than him at the moment!! All the ponies bar Darcy are Section As. So I'm expecting him to make about 11hh. My other half wants to get a scurry team together but Rowan is so perfect I think I will be showing him and hubby can look elsewhere for his scurry pair =O)

  4. Hi Margaret, I've only just seen your comment on my previous post, yes the card on my sidebar is using the Kate Knight papers, they were so beautiful I had to pluck up the courage to use them! And yes, I do have the latest magazine, the set of papers are lovely, I really like My Mind's Eye.
    Val: Thanks for the ref to this blog, Val, I'll be popping over to have a look.


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