Saturday, 17 July 2010

Horsing Around

I've been a bit busy, and I'm popping off as soon as I've written this, as I've quite a bit still to do.
But first things, first.
You may recall that when Peggy the chicken flaunted her new family in front of Penny, Penny got her own back by standing up and revealing that she too, was 'in the family way.' On Thursday morning I let Peggy out for her usual morning constitutional, and as usual, she began strutting up and down outside Penny's hutch. Penny began to rise laboriously to her feet, and I thought, 'Oh, I know what's coming,' and sure enough, out popped her new chick. Then, to my astonishment, another chick fell out from under her other wing. The egg that she was left with obviously hatched out in the middle of the night, and she's looked after it and helped it all by herself. I am absolutely delighted. I will take a photo of them as soon as I can, but they scuttle under mum as soon as anyone approaches. They are very sweet, though, one is yellow and the other one is grey. Penny's eyes are as bright as jewels and her pride in her new clutch is blatantly evident. Good on you, girl, I'm so proud.
I spent the whole of yesterday in Worksop. I had to go up with Mr O in the morning, so got up at silly o'clock, sipped some tea and got straight in the car. Mr O dropped me off at The Cafe where I took my cards in. I must tell you that when I rang up and spoke to the manageress, and said I was going to give them some of my cards to sell, she said, "And what do you want us to do for you?" I said, "No, I don't want any money for them, I'm donating them, so you can sell them," and she was astonished.
So she was really pleased to see me when I dropped them off. They'd arranged a space for them on the table with the books. She asked me how much I thought they ought to sell them for, so I said a pound each, as it's an easy coin for customers to hand over. I said not to worry if they didn't sell, and she said, "Oh, they'll sell!" I was really surprised, but pleased. It is a strange feeling, handing over my creations to someone else, and knowing I won't see them again. Is that how an artist feels when she hands over a painting to be sold? As if you're giving part of yourself away. But then, doesn't an artist then have the satisfaction of knowing that her creation will be hanging on someone's sitting room wall soon, which makes it all worthwhile? Who knows?
I went up to Costa Coffee and had a latte, then spent some time going through my favourite charity shops. I was thrilled to find two John Francome books for 99p each, and then in the Heart Foundation shop, 'Lots of Love' by Fiona Walker. Her books were recommended to me by Frecklepuss recently, so I was very pleased to find one for two pounds. It looks like a really good read, actually, can't wait to get stuck in.
Then I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in the library. It's such bliss to spend as long as I like without Mr O breathing down my neck. I found some beautiful, inspirational books on card making and scrapbooking. They make my efforts look positively paltry, but I've got to start somewhere.
Soon it was time to wander up to Daughter 2's house and spend some time with her and The Flower Fairy. She was so chatty, it was lovely to have her to myself for a while. I ended up walking up to nursery with her, which was so sweet. Suddenly I was in the land of the little people. On the way out, a woman came rushing up to me and I realised it was one of the girls who'd helped us fence judge last time we went to the showcross. She told me all about her new mare. I've said I'll come and have a look at her after the next competition.
My next stop was at my old friend Caroline's house. We were good friends when we still lived in Worksop, having been at the same church for several years. Her two children, Heather and Anthony are a similar age to our children. Heather started having riding lessons around the time I first bought Max, and then Caroline started home educating them both, so we had quite a lot in common. Heather's become one of my facebook friends recently, as she has a very pretty little Hafflinger mare called Honey. I've been dying to meet her and never thought I'd have the opportunity.
We had a really good catching up chat, and then set off to their yard. They brought Honey up from her field. She is an absolute sweetheart, probably about 14 hands, maybe 14.1. She reminded me of Crispin a bit, with her gorgeous deep golden coat and flaxen mane. They tacked up and Heather rode. I gave her a bit of a lesson, as she's got into a couple of bad habits (rather similar to my own!) and then they asked if I was going to have a ride. I hadn't intended to at all, and only had jeans and normal boots on, but Anthony gave me a hat, and the next thing I knew, I was in the saddle. She was very sweet, and poodled about with me. She is quite dinky, and I felt as if there was no neck in front of me at all.
While I was riding round, a lad came into the school on his horse, rode it round with its head in the air, and came out two minutes after me. I wonder what the point of that was? It reminded me of all the reasons I'm not on a livery yard any more.
I'm also quite curious as my friend Morag, who used to be at our old yard, is also there. What's happened there, then?
I had a lovely time and have invited them to come to us some time, hopefully in August. Caroline dropped me back at Daughter 2's by which time Mr O had arrived from work so we set off home together (with a huge chunk of wedding cake sitting on my lap!)
The day was rounded off nicely by the sight of a parcel on my kitchen table when we got in. Inside, to my delight, was my Sizzix boutique machine.

Isn't she a cutie?

This is an embossing machine, and it's my free gift for subscribing to Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine. I have had a little play with it this afternoon and can see already that this will take my card making to a new level. Check these out:

This is just me footling around to see how everything works, but I am going to have a lot of fun with this, I can tell.
But as I said, I am very, very busy, making plans for tomorrow. All will be revealed, soon enough.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
Mrs O.


  1. YOu're so busy, busy, busy!! Love your little handbag lol and your results are lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more cards :o) xx


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