Monday, 5 July 2010

Confetti and Commitment

A proud moment

I have come back totally exhausted from having such a fantastic time. It was all slightly surreal, partly from staying in a hotel where we used to live, the heat, the crying, the tissues, realising that my youngest daughter is now finally married.

Such a stupendous day. There were no hitches, it was all beautiful. It was a civil wedding, and The Oracle and I commented in the car afterwards that the words were just as moving and meaningful as a church ceremony (and just as nerve wracking for the bride and groom!) Actually it was Duane that brought more tears to my eyes than Abby, as his love for her was so evident as he spoke his lines.

The reception was wonderful, everyone was very relaxed, with good conversations between both sides of the family. It was lovely to have so many family members together, to laugh and catch up. The grandchildren nearly stole the show.

And I must tell you, that my youngest son moved down to live with The Oracle in October last year, but decided he didn't like it and came back up with them. He is going to live with some mates in Worksop. I have got my darling boy back, and I am soooooo happy.
I couldn't have had a nicer weekend. A time of total blessing. And that's exactly what I wish the happy couple, all the years of blessing they are entitled to.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful bride and groom! You must be very proud of them both. So pleased you had good weather to. Your graandchildren are adorable, and they do have a habit of stealing the show don't they? So glad it all went well for you. Love Wendy x

  2. Wow, the photos are lovely and your daughter and her husband look so happy. I'm so pleased that everything went well. Looks like you were blessed with the weather too. And the grandchildren are adorable. M x


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