Thursday, 17 June 2010

And So It Was

Chapter One
So this is how it happened...
I was shopping in Morrisons
and bought a new card-making magazine that I've never read before
(as one does...)
And in it was a little booklet called 'Best of British'.
And in it was an advert for a card making shop called Dollycottage Crafts,
which is in Chesterfield (and yet, I've never heard of it...)
And so I found their website.
And on it was an advert for a card making demo.
I rang up and booked myself in.
And on Tuesday night I trolleyed along.
And stumbled into paradise.
It's run by a wonderful woman called Sue.
I had a mosey round the shop
And then went into the class.
Sue demonstrated how to make some cards using Nellie Snellen punches.
She also demonstrated the Sizzix machine. I want one.
I was quite overwhelmed after the demo, and didn't really know where to start.
It was a bit like going straight from a GCSE into Uni!
I was sitting next to a lovely woman, who worked with me,
and we made the cards step-by-step together.
I was very nervous of using the Sizzix machine, but soon got to grips with it.
I loved the punches. One punches out the flower petals, and its partner embosses it.
There are punches for stamens and leaves, too.
Fabulous punches. I can't recommend them enough.
I made this:

and was thrilled with it.
I can't wait to go again.
I learned so much.

Chapter Two

We had our Bible Study last night. It was really good, and there were four new people there. I finally plucked up the courage to take my cards along. I had asked our group leader (who is also an elder at the church) last time we met, if I could sell my cards in the coffee shop in aid of Pastor Abraham's work in India. To see how this came about, please read here (especially Margaret, please!)
I was so nervous about presenting the cards, and asked him not to look while I was still there, but his wife picked the file up and said the cards were lovely, and before I knew it everyone was looking and asking me how I made them. They loved the decoupage and the shaker cards. I can't believe it. Richard is taking the file to the next leader's meeting to present the idea to them. I can only leave it in the Lord's hands. I'll keep you posted.


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  2. That's it now!! You're well and truly hooked lol You card is gorgeous, well done. I have the Cuttlebug die cutter and I love it to bits, don't use it as much as I should though. If you're looking at buying Promarkers they do some sets including 2 geared towards rubber stamping. Please note that you can't use a Stazon ink pad for these as they are alchohol based. I use Versafine orAdirondack inks. The best price I've seen for the sets are from at £12.50 plus £1 p+p There are loads of tutorials on You tube for them.

    It's so sad when you think of the poverty in India. The charity I support have boys who don't know when their birthday is or how old they are. THey have been given an age (!) and everyone celebrates their birthday on one day in October. For one birthday treat they were taken to MacDonalds and they had to be shown how to use a straw and they had their very first Coca-cola and icecream awwwwwwwwww

    deleted previous message as I'd spelt Adirondack wrong lol

  3. Hi there, Ooohhh! It sounds as though you really enjoyed your card class! I have a Big Shot die cutter, which I think is part of the SIzzix range, it's fantastic.....must use it more though! Your card you made is beautiful...I must look out for thatDie. Keep up the good work. Wendy x

  4. What a beautiful card! God has certainly given you a talent and you are using it in a wonderful way!


  5. Your card is beautiful and you should have some faith in your work. You sound well and truly hooked by the card making bug - be prepared for it to take over your life (and your house!!). M x


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