Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I have been having trouble looking Eeyore in the face, which is difficult because I usually drink out of this:

and lurking at the top of the stairs lives:

The reason being, that he bears a striking resemblance to:

I realise I haven't mentioned Max since he went, because it's been quite heart wrenching, but tonight I took his name plate off his stable door and put it away. I have moved on. Mr O has, too, and has said he is able to transfer his allegience from Barnaby to Zak. This is wonderful for me, too.

And now... introducing the Beverley Sisters!

How cute are these little darlings?

At the moment they are Abigail, Jemima and Max, although I am convinced they are all girls (how do you tell?) and that Max is soon to become Maxine.

They have moved into an outside pen, where we can keep the heater on in their little house, but they come out for a run round, which they really enjoy.

I am very attatched to them. They run to me and peck me. One of them was pecking my engagement ring. It doesn't hurt at all.

When they run round they are like little clockwork toys. So sweet. I am smitten.

We had a bit of a disaster in the garden on Sunday while we were fence judging as it was so windy at home our little portable greenhouse toppled over, spilling my cucumber plants everywhere. I am not a happy bunny. I doubt they'll recover now.
But I think my lettuces are ready for picking. I declare them a success and will definitely grow some more next year.

I have also finally been up to the top of the field and picked the rhubarb. I got stung by stinging nettles, as I hacked my way through. Guess who is going to spend tomorrow chopping and freezing rhubarb like it's going out of fashion?

And finally, I have mentioned that when Mr O owned Barnaby he was always clean and Max was always filthy. Since I've owned Barnaby he has decided it's his turn to be dirty. I think this photo speaks for itself really. It's a good job I love him.


  1. Look forward to seeing your list of favourite books - maybe we will start a trend amongst bloggers! Have you ever joined a book group? I haven't - I don't think my reading choices are "high-brow" enough lol!
    Cute chickies by the way.
    M x

  2. So! You`ve now become adopted by ducks? Where will it all end? Books!mmmmmmm!


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