Thursday, 24 June 2010


And so Tessington Bear (for 'twas her name) decided that she would come with us and supervise us while we poo-picked the field. And in her supervisory role she decided she should drop a shoulder and roll in something unspeakable.
So, being a caring owner (and frankly appalled at the smell) I decided today was the day to get my own back.
Tessa's suspicions were first aroused when this much loved old item was dragged out of the barn.

Water was added.
And then, to her horror, but not total surprise, 'Er Indoors, was lifted bodily into the bath, and the shampooing commenced. I dared not let go of her collar for a single moment, for fear that she'd be off, rolling in the nearest patch of mud.

Because she is half collie, half springer spaniel, her coat is virtually waterproof, and it takes ages to get her wet to the skin. It was a challenge I was more than willing to accept.

We are the best of friends now, me because she smells beautiful, and her because I gave her a treat afterwards.
But, roll in the field again girl, and see what happens!


  1. Lol this brought back memories of trying to bath our dogs when I was younger.

    Have a look at this for displaying your cards. I haven't got one but I have seen them "in the flesh" and they look ok. You can decorate it as you want too so you could put the details of the project on it

    I think you should be able to contact me now by going to look at my full profile

  2. Hello, I have found your blog from the 20 Minuters and have enjoyed my visit with you! I will pop back often to see you and your animal friends. Perhaps you would be interested in my friends blog, she is Kay
    I lived in Derbyshire and loved it but have now moved down to Oxfordshire, hope you pop in on my blog sometime.
    Best wishes for now ... Val


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