Sunday, 6 June 2010

Busy Bee

Just popped in to say that I have been busy on the craft making front. For the first time ever I'm going to have to show you a work in progress (WIP) as this cross stitch is not going to be a two minute job. This is for Daughter 2's wedding. The bottom section was really tricky, one of those where you do two stitches in one colour, then two in another colour and so on, which is why I'm making myself sit down for an hour a day to work on it.

I've got all the top section to do, finish the border and do all the back stitch, so I'd better crack on if I'm going to finish it by the end of the month. Now I'm beginning to wish I had a separate craft room as I have to pack it all away in between sessions. It would be bliss to leave everything out.

I've been having a fantastic time making cards. This first one was my first foray into my Kate Knight papers which were free with my magazine. I felt they were quite a sophisticated paper and required a sophisticated treatment, so here it is:

The two little birds in the oval have glitter on, just to give a little bit of sparkle. I so wish I had a Cuttlebug. It's on my Christmas list, but it's killing me to have to wait that long!
And now for the card I've really loved making. It is my first go at a shaker card. I don't know if you can see, but there are little tiny flowers inside the baby's bottle. This was my first go with a white gel pen, around the top of the bottle. I love the effect. I have got a 'thing' about newborn baby cards, so expect to see several more.

I am really pleased with this one. The idea was in a magazine I bought when I very first started card making, and wouldn't have had a clue how to do it back then, and wouldn't have had the tools either. I made it a couple of days ago, and love it. There are little tiny green gems in the centre of each flower. I stamped each flower, then painted them with my water colour paints before cutting them out and using sticky fixers to give them depth. I made a mistake because I forgot to put the strip of ribbon on and tuck it round the spotty paper before sticking it down. I went to the craft shop yesterday and found some self-adhesive ribbon, (what a godsend!) which worked out much better anyway. I am going to make another one for Missis' mum's birthday on June 10th.

And finally, on a bit of a spree yesterday, I spotted this box in W.H. Smith and couldn't resist it. Obviously it will soon be full, but the drawers are really handy.

This is the top:

I mean, it's got cupcakes on it, I'm hardly going to resist that, am I? Do you like it?

Happy blogging, everyone.

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  1. Hi- thanks for popping by mine- we do sound very similar. Had to go back to your Chatsworth post. I think I failed... Lovely hubby had his DuBarrys on and his Musto jacket and an auzzie hat- but I had my hunters on - I opted for expensive perfume for Crimble instead of DuBarrys cos I'm holding out for some of their riding boots instead of the country boots- GYS coming up in July and my birthday in August so you never know I may get lucky at a show stand. But just talked MrP into a lovely new Lovatt and Ricketts saddle so maybe not!
    I think I actually saw you at Chatsworth- I notice dogs... and obviously couldn't resist bulldogs! I also failed in the ladylike stakes cos I'm addicted to Chatsworth pasties so didn't bother with the picnic- sorry - I will try harder next year.
    Lovely cards! But DUCKS! What were you thinking?? Mud machines- cute mud machines but mud machines all the same- aaarrrgghh!!
    Must go horses to muck out, dogs to walk, rooms to paint- I must have been very wicked in a previous life- hope I enjoyed it =O)


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