Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Duck Stops Here

Well! I've tried four times to upload a video of the ducklings, but it doesn't want to work for some reason.
The best way to do it is to have a look at this link . The Interfering Dog is obviously Tessa. She is very interested in the ducklings, but only because she's jealous. She'd never hurt them. I'm not so sure about the cats, though, that's why the ducklings are in the pen until they're much bigger. Having said that, though, they have really grown. Their feet are enormous.
For those of you who haven't got time to watch the video, here are some pictures instead:

Aren't they the cutest things? They rush to me in the mornings and climb on me, and peck my hair, my jacket, my glasses, everything. How can you not be pleased to see something that's so pleased to see you?

It's been an interesting time on the Barnaby front. I rang a wonderful woman called Jane Portas, who we had a lesson with last year. I left a message on her voicemail on Thursday and she didn't ring me back, so I also rang a woman called Nicky Hunt. We had a very good conversation in the evening, during which I explained Barnaby's history and his current problems. She said to give her a ring after the back lady has been and we'd get some work done on him. Fabulous. Then the next thing I knew, Jane Portas has rung me back as well. She has also said to wait until after the back lady has been, but she is more than happy to come and teach me. I don't believe it. I am now in a quandary, as I only expected one of them to come. How do I say to one of them, "I don't need you after all?" I'm going to have to pray about this, because it isn't my intention to upset either of them, or make them feel I've wasted their time. Oops!
We've been for a 15 mile ride today. It's so fantastic to come out of your own garden gate, turn left, and ride and ride and ride. We got up onto the moors in the end, and went to a place called Darwin Forest. It was a superb ride, and beautifully warm weather. I was under the impression we'd skipped summer and gone straight on to autumn, so it's a relief to see some sunshine.

I've made a couple of cards, too, this first one was for Missis' mum. I used my Joanna Sheen CD rom for all the papers and the topper, which I decoupaged and added a little glitter.

This one I just made for fun, as it was an opportunity to make another shaker card. They are such fab things to make. I thought it was a bit plain, but I've decided 'less is more' and it can stay as it is for now.

Add to the above that I am doing the place cards for Daughter 2's wedding, as well as the cross stitch, and you can see I've got quite a lot going on.
I'd just like to add, that I can't believe what an Aladdin's Cave ebay is. I went on there looking for some butterflies for the place cards, started looking at rubber stamps, of which there are absolute thousands, all at a fraction of the price you'd pay in the shops. I looked at papers and came across the My Mind's Eye Wild Asparagus range. I couldn't resist it so I've bought the papers, the decoupage papers, some ribbons and brads, which obviously all match. They are so beautiful (I'll try to show you soon) I think I may do some scrap booking with them as well as card making. Watch this space.
Hope you're all having a great weekend.
Mrs O.


  1. Answer to the quandry! tell one of them that the horse is sick and the vet says to wait a while.

  2. The ducklings are gorgeous! Just as your cards are, I love the shaker card. Sorry I can't give any advice about the trainers but I'd probably see them both on different days lol xx

  3. I love ducklings!! Nice cards, they look so professional! Good job.


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