Friday, 8 October 2010

Adventures in Vellum

Finally, after nearly two weeks, I feel as though I've got my own brain back and not the one I've been borrowing, from someone who's clearly a bit thick. In other words, I've been ill the whole time and feel as though my head has been full of cotton wool. I still haven't stopped coughing, which is driving me up the wall.
I have been printing some beautiful papers to use on cards and saw a brief moment on Create and Craft TV yesterday where a woman did something so simple it was breathtaking, and I couldn't wait to get up this morning to have a go myself.
This is how I started out, though:

Before I saw the programme, I made this card. The topper is stuck onto vellum, which adds a beautiful, delicate quality to the card. (Think, 'wedding invitation'). So this is just a folded A4 card with vellum stuck on the top, which is why there is a line of Christmas trees at the top, to hide the double sided tape (the only drawback with vellum and acetate is that you can see whatever you use to stick it down with).

But having watched the television yesterday, I rushed down and made this:I folded a sheet of beautiful A4 pink pearlised card in half, and cut off a lot of the front, leaving only 5cm remaining. Then I cut a sheet of A5 acetate and stuck it inside, then a sheet of A5 paper. This is actually wrapping paper, but the colouring is perfect. Then of course I made the topper with the cupcake on it and stuck it on. Not bad for five minutes work!

After that I was on a roll:

This card was completely free to make, using papers downloaded from the internet, a stamp I already have, and again, putting acetate over the paper. I stared at this for quite a while, and then...

realised that I could use a border punch to cut the edge of the card. So here's my cute snowman stamp on lovely snowman backing paper (underneath the acetate).
Then I decided to use a different border punch, like this:
I have a very small poinsettia stamp so decided to use it all over a sheet of vellum, to match the big one on the topper. I coloured everything with Promarkers, to match. This card showed me that if you're going to put a greeting on the inside, you must make sure the topper covers it up on the front, otherwise you'll see it through the vellum and the acetate! Oops, a lesson learned.
Then finally my absolute favourite:

I've used a beautiful semi-shiny card, that is bronze colour on the outside, and white on the inside. I've used the same border punch to trim it, as above. I've printed a beautiful autumn leaf design onto vellum. It almost looks embossed and is highly strokable! I've embossed the little flower emblem and attached it onto photographic paper with a contrasting design on it. I love this card and it'll be a while before I can bring myself to part with it.
So yes, I'm now obsessed with acetate and vellum. The only limit is your own imagination. I don't mind making Christmas cards, if that's what's involved.
Have a good weekend, everyone.
Mrs O.


  1. Wow - you are on a roll! Your cards are beautiful - I love the Christmas tree one particularly - but they are all fab!
    Glad you are feeling better - it's horrible to feel so unwell for so long. Take care. M x

  2. Fab cards! I use the blue Stix2 glue runner on vellum and it doesn't show through. I've even had some success using it to attach acetate but it depends on the card/paper that it's being stuck to :o)

  3. I love these cards!
    I'm going to look forward to following~


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