Friday, 29 October 2010

Website of the Week

I seem to have spent the last couple of weeks reading loads and loads of incredible card-making blogs, all with cards on that make me think, 'That's exactly how I want my cards to look.' Unfortunately I seem to have spent so much time reading blogs I've had very little time left to write my own! Oops.
I was trying to think where it all started, and I think it may be the Lily of the Valley website, which has totally captivated me. I'm sure, if you're remotely into card making, you'll already have visited. I kept seeing adverts for their stamps which I thought were lovely, but didn't really apply to me, but then I saw a card in one of the mags that was very similar to this, and I thought, 'Now I have to have this.'

Finally, after a great deal of what I consider 'make do and mend,' this is my idea of a Christmas card.
One thing leads to another, doesn't it? The above card is made from a stamped image called 'Dropping The Shopping'. While I was browsing, I couldn't resist this set of what they call 'cute squares'. They come as they are, so you don't need to colour them in (you get someone else's much better efforts instead!) The backing papers are also available for download from the website. This was my first attempt at buying downloadable stuff, and it worked really well. And of course, once you've downloaded them, you've got them for ever.

These images are so sweet, I was smitten.

But of course, the advantage to having the stamp is that you can colour it in in any way you wish, to match various backing papers, which is why I did this:

And I have to say, although I am very pleased with some of the Christmas cards I've made this year, this one is definitely my favourite so far. It isn't quite finished, though. I'm waiting for some flowers to arrive which I'm going to use on it. There is one more card to come, which fits my idea of Christmas card perfection, but I'll show you that some time next week.
I just want to add a big thankyou to Margaret of Christian Chick Crafts who heard my cry for help last week and sent me a set of die cut circles with slightly bigger scalloped circles to aid me in my craft making. She also sent me loads of papers and a beautiful set of stamps that I've already used in my scrapbooking (I'll show you soon). Thankyou so much Margaret, they are fabulous.
And so, Lily of the Valley meets all my requirements of a good website because:
1. The stamps and cards are good value for money.
2. They have an excellent, awe inspiring gallery.
3. They have a terrific blog, which I now follow.
4. My goods arrived very quickly (always a good thing when you're dying to play with something new!)
5. They have the best tutorial on using Promarkers I've ever seen. Click here to have a look.

So pop over when you get a moment, I guarantee you'll be inspired.

Well I'm off to ride in the rain. Lately, it's either that or don't ride. Good old British weather, you can't beat it, can you?
Have a great weekend, everyone.
Mrs O.


  1. Hello! I'm sorry I haven't been by recently so I wanted to make sure I stopped by today to see what you have been up to. I see you have been very busy making more of your beautiful cards. They are just darling!

    Thank you for including links with your post. That is so helpful! :> )


  2. Once again, cute cards. You are certainly enjoying your crafting!!

  3. Lovely cards and cute images. I followed the link for the Promarkers - really interesting - thank you. Keep up the good work! M x x


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