Saturday, 16 October 2010


It's been a busy week here. Mr O has been helping Pongo lay hardcore between the two barns. This is our route from the stables to the field. During the summer it's rock hard and dry but you only need a drop of rain and it turns to thick mud over night - not funny when you're trying to lead horses along it, trying to stay upright and not get splashed by the horse's hooves.
The first job, though, was to move the muck heap, which took nearly two days, loading everything into a trailer and dropping it off at a local farm. The space looks huge without it. There is usually a burning pile next to the muck heap, which has also been shifted. The new muck heap will be at the back of the barn, so not visible to the road and not the first thing that visitors see.
So now the area looks like this:

Pongo has been shovelling loads of hardcore with the JCB and Mr O has been flattening it with the roller. Today they've been putting on road planings, and it looks fantastic. The chickens are totally confused though, because there isn't a blade of grass to be seen in their usual landscape. They look a bit as if they've landed on the moon. We need to open the brown door onto the field and let them go out that way to find the new muck heap, silly things.
There's no danger of chickens taking over the world, though, is there? George gets amorous with Betty, so she runs behind him and he can't find her. He looks to right and left - no chicken. He looks momentarily baffled, but shrugs his shoulders and carries on with his day, bless him. I wink at Betty, and she nods at me, and all is well with the world.
I just thought I'd show you this:

This is Purdy, snuggling up in Zak's travel boots (which shouldn't be there, obviously). Does this make her Puss in Boots? Oh well, worth a try.
I've made a couple of cards.

You wouldn't believe the problems I had making what looks like such a simple card. I know I'm slightly under the weather but I shouldn't be let loose with crafting items when I'm feeling a bit non compos mentis. Even though I had instructions to follow I couldn't think which way to fold the card, then measured it wrong so I hadn't folded it back far enough, which is why the little blue border is on the left hand side, but actually it worked out really well in the end. And after all that I was flicking through a catalogue and found some ready-folded cards for sale - D'oh!
My stamps finally came from Little Claire's Designs. I rushed to my desk and instantly began stamping. All of the kit to make this card is provided, plus a gallery with instructions to make a few others. I'm sure you can see the owls on the top of the gate, but near the bottom on the right, is a little family of mice. It's very cute. It comes with the stamp saying, "Happy Christmas from all of us." It's making me desperate for a Sizzix machine, which I can't have until Christmas, because I'm desperate to make some more circles.

The best thing about this was that I had all the Promarkers I needed ready and waiting for me to spring into action, which was wonderful.
I'm also not going to do this next year, though (making Christmas cards so early, I mean). I'm going to make a couple of Christmas cards every week, and not make any to sell, they'll just be for family and friends, but equipped with my Sizzix and an embossing gun, there'll be no stopping me. I feel as if I've missed the opportunity to make some autumn cards, which is my favourite season. I think I'll rectify the situation this week, if I get time.
I've also obviously realised that I am coming up to my first anniversary of blogging, plus I was waiting to see when I'd get to 50 followers (and now I'm on 52!) I'm also getting close to my 200th post, so I'll put them all together and organise a giveaway some time soon, to celebrate, so watch this space.


  1. Lovely cards. Let me know what size circles and scallops you want and I'll cut some for you, as close to the right size as possible. I'll send them with the papers :o)

  2. Oh, wow, Margaret, that would be fab. The one I've used for the owls is about 8cm across, so of course the scalloped circle is slightly bigger. Let me know if I can pay you, I don't see why you should be out of pocket.

  3. I need some mud control myself. Yours looks great!

    Once again the cards are lovely. You have quite a creative eye.


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