Monday, 18 October 2010

Marley and Me

Some of you may know we regularly use a local tack shop called Stablemates. It's gone up even further in my estimation recently because they clean rugs and sharpen clipper blades at very reasonable prices.
But there is another reason I've started finding any excuse to go there every week. I am becoming deeply besotted by this little girl:

As you can see, she's a tiny Jack Russell. She is the sweetest thing I've seen in some years, and I have to give her a cuddle every time we go in there. I could quite easily tuck her inside my jacket and walk off with her! We actually had 'Er Indoors with us when we took these photos, and Marley was desperate to get down and play with her, which resulted in some very blurred photos.

She is like a little piglet when you pick her up, and to be honest, she doesn't seem to be getting much bigger. She must be about four months old now. She doesn't fit my criteria as I really want a black and white boy dog, but I wouldn't care. If I could have her I'd be happy.

Even Mr O is becoming highly persuadable, so you never know. Of course, I'd never trade in 'Er Indoors for a younger model. Although lately she is also known as 'she who carries a little extra weight', or indeed 'Dora the Snorer.' It's incredibly difficult to get out of bed in the mornings with a huge inert lump snoring her head off on the bed.
The last two days have been suddenly and unexpectedly freezing, so now I am worried about the horses being too cold at night. The earliest we can get some straw is Saturday, but I think by then they will definitely need to come in. I know it means extra work, but I'd rather know they're warm. They're coming in for tea at night, but aren't keen to go back out afterwards, so we'll see.


  1. I hated the little so called Westy, we bought, I dont like small dogs. However, and I mean to prove this, she rides on my saddle on the horse!!!! Also, although her name is Hannah! But she answers to "Bitch"!

  2. Too easy to fall in love with something that cute!! I'll stay out of this one. *lol*


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