Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Incey Wincey

So last week I was helping myself to a tablet from the medicine drawer, and me being me, I managed to flick it down the back of the sideboard. Upon pulling said piece of furniture away from the wall, I was taken aback by the amount of dust in the vicinity. Today I've finally got round to pulling it out again and hoovering every last morsel of fluff away.
This is the sideboard where I have my paper cutter when I'm working and where I put my cards to photograph them. Imagine my shock when I moved the paper cutter to find the mother of all spiders sitting there watching me. She had come to ask why I'd removed her des res. and she was not happy. I explained that she was way behind with the rent, then stuck a glass over her, grabbed a card and slid it underneath the glass. I transported her outside and threw the glass onto the soil before sprinting back indoors. I imagine she'll be back by tea time.
I couldn't resist taking a picture once she was safely under glass, so here she is:


Anyway, having said in a previous post that I'm not keen on all this 'penguins and polar bears on Christmas cards' malarkey, I have to confess that I am happy to make lots of room for this little chap.

The stamp is called 'Sam With Stocking' by Hero Arts. I used to have a dog who looks exactly like him and couldn't resist it when I saw it.

A word of warning, though. No matter how tempting it may be, do not Google 'Sam with Stocking.' You'll regret it. I've also recently made the mistake of looking up, 'Desire Wire.' For those of you who are curious, it's a bendy wire that's often used in card making.
But by far the worst thing to look up is 'Stud Muffins'. They are, in fact, a horse treat, and that's all I'm saying.
I'm off now to lunge The Boy.

I have discussed Plans For The Winter with Mr O. I have decided that once a week Mr O and I need to ride together in the field or down the lane and practise separating the horses and getting them to concentrate on working and not being obsessed with being together all the time. It's not worth making plans over the winter like, "Do lots of dressage," because the weather will deteriorate and we probably won't even be able to go anywhere, but this will be plenty to work on, and very useful. I'll try to put on a photo from Friday's dressage if I can, but my scrapbook page for August will have to suffice for now. I know it's very simple, but the paper at the bottom is vellum, which I am gradually becoming obsessed with, as my next lot of cards will show.
Make the most of the season, everyone.
Mrs O.


  1. Love that you saved the dear spider tenant of yours. :) We have a few lurking in our house that get transported out to the bushes every so often. :)

  2. sounds like your ponies are like mine, stuck like glue to eachother! i too am glad you didn't kill the spider. i found a wolf spider with hundreds of babies on her back in the barn. i took a photo and then the next day she was in a web and was dead but the babies were still on her back! so weird!

  3. Glad to know there is someone else who uses the glass/card spider rescue/removal technique. I never want to kill them but I don't want to touch them either--nor do I want them to touch me!

    Love that little puppy!


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