Monday, 18 October 2010

Autumn Card

I decided to take a well-earned break from making Christmas cards and do something a little more appropriate to the season, before it finishes and I've missed it completely. For the first time in ages I was wide awake at night, with ideas flowing through my head. And in the morning, this is what I made:

I've decided to make something like this once a month. This is partly inspired by Floss's Blog where she uses a colour scheme from a particular calendar as inspiration for a display that changes each month, and partly by Margaret's blog where she makes beautiful little inspirational placards that I really like.
I wanted to reflect what autumn, by far my favourite season, means to me, so there are many elements to this card. It actually has a 'bottom' so you can stand it up, but I've put string at the top so I can hang it up. It's actually hanging at my kitchen window and I've used the window sill to display a few more autumnal items. I don't object to doing the washing up, but it's definitely enhanced by having a few pretty things to look at while I work.
The basic design for this card can be found here but I am going to be featuring the whole website in a new little series I'm going to be doing on Fridays, as I am finding some fabulous websites useful for card makers, which I think I ought to share.

You can tell it's autumn because:
1. I have finally put all my T shirts away and got all my jumpers and polonecks out. It's like greeting old friends.
2. It gets too dark at night for Mr O to be able to ride after work during the week. To say he is depressed about this is an understatement.
3. My garden is full of leaves, which I will now go and sweep up.
4. The cats start treating the house like a hotel again. Honestly, if you miss having teenagers at home, just get a couple of cats. We've been like ships that pass in the night all summer, but the moment the temperature drops below ten degrees, I get two little waifs sitting shivering on my doorstep, telling me how much they've missed me.
5. There is a dramatic increase in the consumption of hot chocolate (which will be discussed in a later post) custard and pies. Mostly pies.
Never mind, only 67 days until Christmas!
Mrs O.


  1. Nice! Thanks for the reminder!!!!! What he hell am I gonna get my horses? All that wrappin` paper!

  2. Your right, cats are like teenagers!!
    Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. What a pretty card!

    Cats are quite the company...even if they are like teens. One is on my lap right now...helping, of course....


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