Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dark and Drubblie Days

I just want you to know that it's cold, wet and miserable here. But I am a perky person, because Barnaby is finally getting better. He was totally loopy after the hunt had been past. He wouldn't come in for his tea until everyone else came in, then I took his rug off and realised he was soaking wet. I just managed to swing a sweat rug on him, but he was like a steamed pudding. Then the shaking started. Some horses are just not designed to have adrenaline. Two hunts in two days is a bit much, don't you think?
I kept his head collar and lead rope on, to keep him away from the door, and tied his lunge line round and round the door posts to keep his head in. Apart from that I just talked and talked to him, staying really calm, until it started to get through to him. I didn't leave him until he was calm enough to eat his tea and start eating his hay, which was about an hour and a half. I'm hoping this will be a bonding experience!
I am enjoying making cards at the moment, but I can't help noticing Mr O is trying to direct my artistic flair! I'm finding it quite frustrating making cards to order, and having to put a sentiment on each one like, 'To a wonderful mother at Christmas.' I'm sure she's a wonderful mother, and it is Christmas, but I just want to use some of my lovely little sentiments because they match my papers perfectly, and that's why I bought them!
It's lovely when it's cold outside to sit at my desk and get creative. I need a cup of coffee and a pile of biscuits, and am soon deeply involved in what I'm doing. I love to have the radio on. Do you work best in silence, or do you like a bit of background noise? And do you prefer to work during the day, or at night? I have noticed the light is completely different, as my desk is by the window. If I make a card at night, sometimes I come down in the morning, open the curtains, and the card looks completely different!
Anyway, these are some of the cards that I've made for people recently:

This stamp is my latest delivery from Little Claire's designs. The paper is by Kaisercraft. I am going to be so sad when I've used it all up (unless I decide to buy some more, obviously!)

Here she is again! This time she's coloured in sepia tone Promarkers after I saw a tutorial on Enfys' blog. I realised I had all but one of the Promarkers she used and decided to give it a go. I was thrilled at the result. I can't believe I can do stuff like this!

I've been down into the village today, and had to go to the post office. I asked the man behind the counter if he was the owner and he said yes. (It turns out he also owns one of the village pubs too, a busy man, obviously!) I asked him what his criteria was for buying cards, whether he was tied in to one particular supplier and he said no. He said to bring some samples down and he'd have a look. Oh my life! Now I am nervous. Will I be able to make enough to sell? Or worse, what if they don't sell? I'm not going to panic. He hasn't even said yes yet. Imagine it, though, my cards for sale in the village shop. How cool would that be?

The events of Sunday afternoon rather overtook the rest of the weekend, but there was another thing that happened on Sunday morning. Mr O was washing his hands at the kitchen sink and was admiring the view, and the 'new' wooden fencing. Then it dawned on him there was rather too much view and that the stone wall had collapsed in the night! He called me round to have a look. We stood there gaping at the hole. Then a cow hove into view. We don't normally see as much of them as this. Fortunately there is a barbed wire fence on their side, so they shouldn't be invading us just yet. We'd better phone the dry stone wall guys. Never a dull moment round here!


  1. Lovely cards and fingers crossed that you will be able to display some of your cards in the post office. We always think that we can't do techniques as good as other people but it's amazing what we can do when we lock the doubts in the cupboard lol
    I'm hoping to have a crafty day tomorrow so, hopefully, I might have some pictures to show you tomorrow :o) xx

  2. My old horse never hunted, but when we used to go to the Horse Park for shows and the hunt horns and hounds echoed from afar--the hunt wen through the same park--he would get all excited. Maybe the horns reminded him of the racetrack????

    Glad Barnaby is recovering and that you have the cards to keep you occupied. Soon you'll be riding again and all those holiday greetings will be done too! How cool is that? *G*

  3. Thank you so much for my lovely package of goodies. The magazine is great - I used to buy it, but haven't for a few years and I had forgotten how good it is - I will definitely be getting it on a regular basis. There are some lovely ideas in there, it will keep me busy for ages!
    Your cards are stunning and I am thrilled that you sent me some. Your colouring with Promarkers is beautiful. I particularly liked the easel card - I am inspired.
    Good luck with selling your cards at the Post Office - I think you will do well. I understand what you mean about feeling frustrated making cards for other people. I used to feel like that, but then I decided that they must like my style or they wouldn't have asked me to make the a card in the first place - so my rule of thumb is that I have to like what I make. Take care. Michelle x


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