Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I'm not sure if I'll leave this post fairly short, but I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you all for your wonderful and uplifting messages of support after our saga on Sunday. They mean a great deal to me.
I am pleased and relieved to say that Barnaby is fine. He wasn't interested in his breakfast yesterday (which is a shame as it had antibiotics and anti-inflammatories in it!) so I just swapped his rug and put him straight out. He paced up and down a bit, but soon settled and I noticed he was having a snooze around ten o'clock. (No wonder he doesn't like being ridden in the mornings!) Hopefully this means the adrenaline is gradually leaving his system.
When the vet came she said there had been a hunt going on in our area on Sunday. She knew because her previous call was to a horse not far away who'd had colic as a result. This may well explain why Barnaby was more anxious than usual, as he gets very worked up when the hunt goes past.
I found out today it was the Four Shires Bloodhounds, and it could explain a great deal, although the person who told me is a foot follower from the Barlow Hunt who I've been talking to this morning as they met at 11am just up the road. I'd just finished mucking out and heard a strange sound. I knew instantly what it was though - hounds! I dropped everything, grabbed my jacket and a camera and hot footed it up the road.

I just hope Barnaby isn't too worked up by it, although when I looked they were all standing in the field staring at all the horses and lorries up the road. Hopefully they'll be finished by one, so the horses may have calmed down by three when I go to get them in.
One other thing. I have been wondering how this would work. It was icy everywhere this morning, so of course the pond has frozen over. I let the ducks out, who went racing along, came to a pool of water on the grass and skidded straight across it! I am sorry, but I was most amused. They went down to the pond, then a moment later they reappeared, all chuntering to themselves that the pond is frozen too. Ah well.


  1. Oh Autumn you mean thing, I had a similar experience with the birds in my garden yesterday, I was looking out of the window at the dish and two birds flew up to have a drink, took one look at the ice turned their heads and looked at me watching them and the look they gave me was one of utter disgust, anyway hubby soon went out and sorted them so more water.
    Im glad that your horse is ok, and I can understand now why he felt so edgy so it does say a lot, if he thought there were other horses around and he wasnt with them. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. oh poor old you- blimmin horses are just an accident waiting to happen aren't they.
    If they're not halfway over a door they're halfway down a manhole or wound up in a fence or upsides down in a ditch- and we carry on lovin' em!
    Rescue remedy, arnica, and tea with lots of sugar in it- and thats just for the owners!
    ps bruce loves bananas too x

  3. in my opinion, this is the coolest thing to do with horsese, along side endurance riding.

    and since i'm in europe, and endurance sucks here, i hope to do something this cool as well, someday.

    please stay by me, for i will need encouragement when i have the means to do this!

    i know what you mean about the ducks, i've seen the sliding on ice here too. we have a couple who try to accomodate our ponds and are very surprised when i come to feed the trout. once a mallard got caught in our fishnet. but he eventually got out, whew.



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