Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tea and Sympathy

It's all very well, this card making malarkey, but it has its ups and downs. Sadly, a colleague of Mr O's died a couple of weeks ago, and his funeral was last Friday. Of course, two days before the funeral, Mr O asked me to make a 'With sympathy' card. I decided it was within my capabilities and made a card with a poppy on it (poppies for remembrance, I thought, especially as it's November). It was discreet but quite feminine. Mr O came home and I showed him the card. It turned out he didn't want a card for the widow, he wanted a card for the son in law of the deceased man, who he also works with. So then I had to make a card from a man, to a man, regarding a man who had passed away. Unfortunately I can't show you what I made, as no sooner was it finished than it was whisked away. I'll know better next time. More communication, I think.
Another of Mr O's colleagues has a sister who is emigrating to Australia, and requested a Bon Voyage card. When someone commissions you to make a card they can be very specific about what they require. I do point out that I am not an artist, but Mr O is so confident in my capabilities (for some inexplicable reason, please don't think I'm being bigheaded here) he just agrees to the request. All we knew was, she is moving to Australia and likes castles.
Unfortunately, again, I can't show you what I made, but I made a card that looked like a castle on the outside, with an acetate window, with a kangaroo peeking through from inside the card. The wording said, 'From castle views... to kangaroos.' Mr O took it in on Monday. His colleague saw it and burst into tears! It turns out her sister likes castles so much she had bought a house with a view of Bolsover Castle and cut the garden hedge as low as possible in order to make the most of the view. I had no idea. The card obviously touched a chord, and I hope the recipient is as blessed as the giver on this occasion. Just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it, doesn't it?
Now, do you remember this card I made last week?

Cute, but a bit plain. The flowers I ordered from Wild Orchid Crafts came on Tuesday, so I was able to put the finishing touches I really wanted to add, and now it looks like this.

I could rave on about these flowers all day, they are absolutely beautiful, easy to use and totally transform a card.
I'm really pleased with it, so made a similar one:

It's going to be 'flowers with everything' from now on, isn't it?
These have already been ordered and will be winging their way to their new home on Monday.
Just to say, that tomorrow is my 200th post, so to mark the milestone, I will be doing a give-away, so pop back soon to see what I'm doing.


  1. How wonderful that your cards are so meaningful to people. It's a special gift to be able to touch someone's heart with a simple and beautiful message.

  2. Hi Autumn, its so lovely to have a new follower and I do love your LOV card its so pretty and youve created a stunning card with it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx
    My neighbours have their own horses, and around here most of them seem to, but my actual next door neighbour loves hers to pieces.

  3. The cards are lovely - well done! SueXX

  4. Hi. Your cards are really lovely,and doesn't give you a thrill when other people start to place orders with you. I had to give up riding recently due to ill health, and it's taken me quite a while to even just start to come to terms with it all, as you could probably imagine. So i really do enjoy your 'horse' posts. Keep up the good work. Love Wendy xx

  5. How very creative you are! I had no idea you lived in the next county either! small world this blogging!

  6. Hey Autumn! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your card is very, very cute! Those LOTV's are just adorable aren't they????
    You asked why Magnolias don't have noses or mouths and someone told me that because when they were originally created they were "angels" and since angels speak with their hearts, there is no need for a mouth. Most of their characters have wings too. Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Dena


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