Sunday, 17 January 2010

Busy Days

I am thoroughly enjoying the site of the emerging earth. I could get down and kiss it quite frankly. I feel as if we've been through a tremendous ordeal and survived, although more snow is apparently forecast on Wednesday, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
We went to the shop to see if I could get this month's edition of Cardmaking magazine, but it wasn't there. I was nearly lured into buying a cross stitch magazine instead, but resisted. Then we went down this alleyway as a shortcut, and there on the right was a craft shop. Why have I never noticed it before?
I went in and got chatting to the nicest woman ever. I asked her loads of questions, and she was absolutely brilliant, and explained so many things, including how to do decoupage, which I really want to do. I have come away with a box to store my embroidery threads in, as I am doing a little unicorn with a white body and silver grey mane. It's extremely difficult to tell the two threads apart, especially when you've used a few and only have a couple left. This box lets you separate each colour out and wind it onto a bobbin, which I did when I got home. It's made me wonder if Lisa's got one, as I could pick one up as a present for her. It must be next week we are getting together to go to Hobbycraft.
I also bought some stickers relating to a Christening, which is brilliant, as I've been able to find lots of 'New Baby' stuff, but no actual Christening things, so I can get on and make the card soon. I am getting a massive urge to make a card, so I probably will one day this week.
I bought some more wild bird seed, but they're not eating it half as quickly as the Bill Oddie stuff with the mealworms in it. Whoever thought robins would be so discerning? I have had a jackdaw at the table. I just caught sight of him as he launched off. It was like a Harrier Jump Jet taking off. The other birds looked a bit windswept, to say the least.
We went to Pop's Attic, looking for a welsh dresser. I am dying to get one, now Mr O has said yes. I used to have one years ago, and for some inexplicable reason, I gave it to Lisa. Why? Why? I'll be able to store so much stuff on it. I don't know if I can justify a brand new one, but one never knows, does one?!
We went to see Abby and the Flower Fairy. Abby looks a lot better, but you can see she is still in pain, poor thing. She isn't supposed to do anything for ages. We took the Winnie the Pooh DVD's Missis has given us, that Seven and Nine have grown out of. She didn't know which one to watch first.
I let Tessa out last thing while making a cup of tea for us both, and took it up to bed. I got in bed and started reading my book. After a while we heard a distant bark and wondered where it was coming from. Then I realised I'd forgotten all about Tessa and left her outside! Oops. She looked a bit miffed actually. Sorry dear.
And so this morning, Mr O rode Barnaby while I tacked Zak up, then he came back and rode him as well. He was all done for 9.30! He said Barnaby spooked at piles of snow on the floor (like they haven't spent the last few weeks looking at nothing but snow!) and the dog came out of Flag House and chased him up the road. Barnaby turned round and explained to the dog in no uncertain terms that he could 'go home!' I am so glad I didn't ride Max, he'd have had a fit. I am going to walk him down to the school on Wednesday and ride him in there to see how stupid he's feeling before we do anything too ambitious.
We went to church, which was brilliant as usual. You never know what's going to happen there, I think that's part of the attraction. We have Communion every week. And they read from The Message quite a bit and it sounds very good, I might see if I can get a copy.
We came home and mucked out on what felt like a spring day. I am glad we put the horses out in their mediumweight rugs instead of their heavyweights, they'd have been sweating.
Soon it was time to take Seven and Nine to the cinema. It was Seven's birthday on Friday. I gave him his card, the first one I've made myself that I've dared to send to someone outside the family, and Missis said it was excellent, which made my day. As Seven's birthday is so near Christmas, rather than buy more toys, I said I'd take them to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Squeaquel, which they've been dying to see. Mr O had a good look to see if there was anything he could go and watch (anything at all???) but there wasn't, so he had to sit through it, too! Actually it was very sweet and quite funny. I want a chipmunk of my very own.
We took the boys to MacDonalds afterwards and bought them a Happy Meal, which happened to have a chipmunk in it, then brought them home. Quite a good evening really, and the first time they've been out with the two of us. They must be quite tired as they had tennis and drama in the morning, and Seven's actual party yesterday afternoon, but at least it gave Missis a chance to get some work done.
She is away for the next two days, so I've got all six horses to do and will presumably have the boys after school as well, so I hope I'll manage to get some crafting done. I am only doing the unicorn while Mr O is home as I am really doing a secret valentine cross stitch for him, but can't do it in front of him, can I? Quite frustrating.


  1. Wow you have been BUSY! I think I'm dizzy from reading this post, hee hee! I love finding a little shop you didn't know that was there, so glad you found it! I've always wanted to decoupage too! I hope you don't get more snow, but at least you got a break. I don't think winter is through with us yet!

  2. OMGoodness......BREATHE! lol So many things to do, not enough time to get them all done.

    I too, love finding little shops in out of the way places. I have only done decoupage once. I'm not a fan of it, but it is pretty!

    I'm glad to hear that Abby is doing better. I am praying for her.

    Yay....McDonald's Happy Meals. :> ) Any time I don't have to cook is a HAPPY MEAL! LOL

    I have been working on a hand embroidered picture for my sister's birthday (it was in October). I keep it in a basket under the end table in our family room. I have actually worked on it right in front of her and she never even noticed because it's something she has seen me do before...nothing new! lol

    I too, hope you don't get any more snow, but I have a feeling we ALL might get some more!


  3. Thankyou, I thought it was a 'bitty' post but reading it again today, it doesn't sound so bad. And thankyou for your prayers, Laura, they are much appreciated. How fantastic to know that someone so far away can petition the same loving God as me!


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