Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Whole Tooth

I was worried Missis wouldn't make it home last night, as so many airports were closed. She checked in at 4pm, got on the plane at 6pm, got back off at 6.15 and sat there waiting for the next flight. She got on another plane at 7pm, sat down for twenty minutes and got off again. Flight after flight was cancelled. In the end she was running from desk to desk trying to find a flight to anywhere in England. Eventually she got on a plane at 10pm that brought her to East Midlands Airport. She phoned her regular taxi guy from there, who came to get her. The main roads weren't too bad, but the driver got up the Matlock road, then dropped her at the top of Scalextric Lane and left her to walk the rest of the way, at three o'clock in the morning. Fortunately she only had hand luggage to carry. Unfortunately a grit lorry came past and knocked her off the road onto the verge. The driver got out and apologised profusely, asked her what on earth she was doing there at that time of the morning, and gave her a lift back to the farm. Poor woman! And she still got up at 8am to do the horses.
I've tried to think how to show you that we've had even more snow over night, but I'm afraid this is the best I could do.

I hope you can see all the icicles hanging off the stable roof!

Such a relief today to only have my three horses to do, as I have woken up full of cold, and nursing a sore throat. I have been sucking Strepsils all day. There is no Buttercup Syrup to be had.
But the real issue is that last night half of the wisdom tooth on the left bottom side of my jaw came out, and the remaining piece is very wobbly. I am going to have to find a local dentist, as mine is in Langold, which is miles away. It was very painful last night, but feels fine today. At least it's a wisdom tooth and not a front tooth. I hope we can get to a dentist in the snow, as they've just said on the BBC that it's set to continue for another ten to fifteen days.
I have finally taken down the last of the Christmas decorations, and stored them in the keepsakes box. There is just about room for them. It gave me a good opportunity to clean up. I love to spring clean straight after Christmas. The room looks quite big and bare, which I like.
I have also totally re-arranged my desk, so that all my card making stuff is sorted out into groups in the drawers. I love my desk, it is the centre of operations. I used to have a big wide desk at the old house, but I always prefer any item of furniture that has storage, and I can fit tonnes of stuff in here.

I've been experimenting with the water colour pencils. They are quite good, but it's a faff colouring in, then making it wet with a paintbrush, as the paper wrinkles. I used more pencil, which gave a better result, but it'll be a while before I'm prepared to use them on cards. I will still look for water colour pens like my magazine said. I can imagine them giving a better effect.
I finally plucked up the courage to make Six's card. I'm quite pleased with it actually. The stripes across the middle are ribbon, and not the one I'd intended to use, but I felt the colour scheme matched the toppers (the monkey and the bird) better. I wanted to personalise it, and put Six's name on, but as I am no good with transfers and can't find a suitable stencil, it will have to stay as it is.
I had great fun with my new scissors, until I decided on the design on the rectangle underneath the monkey. The light blue paper is textured. I realised I haven't got many 'boy' papers, so will have to search around for more when I get time. The main book of papers I bought is very feminine. I didn't realise until I got home, but it will all be used. Anyway, I hope he likes it. It's the first one I've been brave enough to make for someone outside the family.

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  1. You're having lots of good things/bad things these days, aren't you?
    It's a miracle L wasn't killed!
    The wisdom tooth sounds awful. The idea of teeth breaking apart! I have had experiences like that and it just shocks me!
    ...almost as much as the idea of snow continuing for fifteen days shocks me!
    We have snow, and we have cold. But fifteen continuous days of either is too much.


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